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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford - A Tragic Clarion Call

Rather than post a rhetorical blog against the evils that lead to senseless murders by gunfire, the killing of Americans who are not at war, for apparent insane reasons, let's begin with another premise. The tragic shooting today, January 8th, of Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford of Arizona, and the unnecessary murders of innocent bystanders including a federal judge, are avoidable deaths. In a hospital, an incident with far less significance would bring up licensing issues and questions about the safety of policies to protect the public.

Political polarization is the root of the hatred which likely led to the shootings in Tuscon, with Congresswoman Gifford the target and innocent victims the collateral damage. One crazy person with a gun was intent on murder and he succeeded because the victims had no defense.

How much more evidence do Americans need to finally get it? While politicians and self appointed gurus waste time and money worrying about turning our country "socialist", we are, instead, risking anarchy if gun control is not taken seriously.

Moreover, political rhetoric must become civilized! Of course, civility is difficult for the media, that thinks spreading unsubstantiated emotional turmoil is a freedom of speech issue. We must behave responsibly when discussing political differences because the louder political pundits criticize one another, the more virulent their deafening messages become in the ears of those with mental illness who happen to own guns.

I am so sorry for all those who were shot today in Arizona, the result of a crazy person who wanted to kill people who were practicing their right to free speech with Congresswoman Gifford in a supermarket.

My sympathy to the people of Arizona who must come to terms with these senseless murders. Yet, after all the gun powder is cleaned up and the funerals take place, how will we fix the root cause of this enormous tragedy?

Perhaps the the enemies of Congresswoman Gifford should take responsibility for creating her political dehumanization. I did not hear anybody from the Tea Party calling for sympathy about Congresswoman Gifford and the other victims.

Where are you Sarah Palin?  Where is your clarion call for sanity?



Blogger Bruce said...

It will be interesting if this comment gets filtered out. I will attempt a comment. Quite frankly, I along with many dedicated and patriotic American citizens, I am growing tired of the political rhetoric. “Fowl Play” gets called whenever one or the other does not like something of feels their rights have been violated. We call it Free Speech and Individual Rights. I want to make it clear I do not condone actions such as what has happened to Congresswoman Giffords. I was a terrible act from a lack of self control. What I do not appreciate is the finger pointing of political people with political agendas. Ben Franklin said it well, “Don't throw stones at your neighbors', if your own windows are glass.” To equate this act is due to some slant on another political party is as bad as the act itself. Shame on the lack of decency and integrity. I would offer it is time for each to do a better job of searching one’s own agendas be it party affiliated or personal. I believe it is time to realize I country has moved from a society about what is right or wrong to one of what is legal VS illegal. If you don’t believe this, then simply look at the legislative and judicial efforts to do just that. Legalize or make illegal based upon one’s or the many who can and have an agenda. Morality, human decency, and “common sense” are lacking and not as important as the “agenda” whether hidden or not. Our political and legal systems are fraught with countless agendas which have little to do with “for the people.” So before all the righteous indignation towards others, there is a lot of personal and political party housekeeping needing to be done. Not childish responses that take the focus of one’s flaws only to put it upon another’s. If this country wishes to rise above this type of tragedy and become a better nation, then everyone grow up, and clean your own house out. Then you and only then will you negate Ben Franklin’s words for yourself and rise to a position where you will do good for others by serving others.

American Citizen

9:06 AM  

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