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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Free speech trumps all politics - Je suis Charlie

....barbarians will loose because of their horrific extremism. 

This is what the extremists do: (a) they're threatened by women, so they shroud them before they die and (b) they want to create an illiterate civilization, where only the Koran can be read.  

Freedom trumps religion and politics in France. 

Rising above France's religiously secular ideologies are the absolute right to speak on any subject or issue, whatsoever. 

Irreverent speech, targeted to those in power, are routine in France. It's almost like the old Vaudeville routine, " long as they're talking about me...", doesn't matter what "they say", is how the cliche goes.  

In France, the politicians, and religious leaders are equally vulnerable to free speech cynicism and press criticisms. 

In my experience, France enjoys greater freedom of the press and speech than Americans.

Those challenging the French freedom to speak freely are clearly unfamiliar with how the culture values this ideal.  

Islamic extremists have no chance to push back on freedom of speech. Furthermore, assaulting reporters, political cartoonists or any vehicle where speech enjoys unbridled freedom will backfire. Radical tactics against innocent journalists, regardless of how caustic their  writing might have been, will cause extremists more harm than they ever envisioned.  

Radical Islam is doomed, but not before they take thousands of innocent victims along with them. 

Nevertheless, these barbarians will loose because their horrific extremism is now creating a World War III.   

Remember....World War I allies defeated the Axis when France was invaded. World War II defeated the Nazis led by Adolf Hitler after he invaded France. So, my prediction is,  the World War III on terrorism will be defeated because Islamic extremists attacked freedom of speech in France.

This is what these villains want: (a) they're threatened by women, so they shroud them before they die and (b) they want to create an illiterate civilization, so only the Koran can be read.  

These oppressive ideologies are nearly as real as the prophetic Bradbury novel, "Farenheit 451".  But, the terrorists are doomed.

My prediction is this:  "je suis Charlie" will help win the war on terror, because radicalized Islam can't obliterate freedom of speech.

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