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Friday, January 02, 2015

Europe must help Syrian refugees regain their nation or face growing immigration crises

 These are real people, not statistics.

Many Europeans might pretend the Syrian refugee crises is a Middle East problem, but as immigrants are washing up on Mediterranean shores, Europe is confonted with the root cause of the crises.  In other words, Europeans must join with the international humanitarian efforts to confront the refugee issues in Syria, or continue to see horrific ethical situations from the immigrants who are fleeing to reach European shores.

Of course, the solution to the refugee-immigration crises is to overthrow the despot Syrian President Assad, so the people he cruelly displaced can rebuild the nation. Europe can join in this effort to topple Assad. Nevertheless, the Europeans would rather send money for food, but don't want to fight the cause of the refugee problem.

Meanwhile, the immigration crises continues:
Two cargo boats with a total of more than 1,200 migrants on board were abandoned and left to drift dangerously in the Mediterranean this week - a relatively new tactic by the people smugglers. The Italian authorities did eventually manage to board both vessels - one a cargo ship, the other a cattle transport - and rescue the passengers. But many migrants who make the ruinously expensive and risky attempt to enter Europe illegally aren't so lucky, and die in the attempt....a boat - packed so tightly with people looking up that you cannot actually see the boat, only a collection of humans shaped like a boat. 
European governments,it seems, are damned if they intervene, and damned if they don't.  

Refugees, on the other hand, are damned to the dangers of the sea, or damned to a life of poverty or persecution at home.

Desperate people will always take desperate measures. As William Spindler of the UN refugee agency UNHCR says: 

"If they can't come through the door, they will try to come through the window." 

Julie's note- In my opinion (IMO)- remove President Assad and provide humanitarian incentives to the Syrian refugees to return home.



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