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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Perhaps main stream media would benefit by correcting right wing news

Right wing news usually enjoys creating controversy more than responsibly reporting facts. Therefore, maybe the main stream media could benefit and improve their miserable news coverage by taking time to correct right wing news. This is a New Years Resolution-worthy idea, espcially for "no news NBC"; but for others too. Now, I've found a blog to help validate this recommedation.

For example, the blog "Media-ite" reports:  

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy rolled a clip last week of Eric Garner protesters chanting anti-NYPD rhetoric and said, “You’re not going to see that video on all the channels. There are members of the mainstream media, they stayed away from this because they’re on the side of the protesters.” 

It took this humble scribe (ie "Media-ite") under a minute to find CNN and MSNBC playing the clip in the previous days.

Fox News contributor Todd Starnes tweeted the following just before the memorial service for officer Rafael Ramos:

The MSM (main stream media) spent weeks covering the riots. You'd think they could spare a few hours to cover a police officer's funeral. #PoliceLivesMatter

In fact,  "Not even ballpark-close", sayd Media-ite.  "As my colleague Josh Feldman pointed out, Fox was the one network that didn’t cover the funeral; CNN broadcasted the entire thing while MSNBC aired significant portions of it."

I totally agree with Media-ite as this blogger holds right wing media responsible for their yellow journalism rather than news reporting.  Unfortunately, obsessive right wing news junkies don't bother to read anything they happen to disagree with unless, of course, it happens to infringe on their freedom of speech. 

Therefore, if the main stream media made a point of debunking right wing lies, maybe their ratings would improve as well as support a higher quality of news coverage.   

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