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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Headlines should credit President Obama

A quick review of recent headlines should have a postscript attached to each one. Each headline pertaining to national policy should have a "POTUS +" or "POTUS -" addenddum. 

The designation would alert major media outlets, like NBC, to credit or not the President of the US with an accomplishment or missed opportunity. In the absence of such a designations, it seems like media are only blaming the POTUS when something of national interest goes wrong, but the same news sources forget to credit his accomplishments.

For example:

A leader of the al-Shabab Islamist group was killed by a US air strike on Monday, Somali officials say. The intelligence chief, named as Abdishakur, was part of a unit responsible for suicide attacks, security officials said.


Fill'er up! Missoouri's gasoline prices lowest in the nation. 
The free fall in gasoline prices has notched another milestone — Missouri and Oklahoma are the first states since 2009 to report average prices below $2 a gallon, according to AAA.
Missouri claimed bragging rights with the lowest average statewide price of $1.92 a gallon on Tuesday, followed by Oklahoma’s $1.98. The Midwest overall has the lowest regional prices, while the highest are in the Northeast.  

Potus +
ore here:

Russian ruble currency in free falll; economic sanctions contribute to decline in Russian economy.


Blog readers get the point of this exercise. Therefore, it makes sense for major news media to pick up the trend, as well. 

It's beyond tiring to watch non news stories take up precious media time. Consider how Syrian refugees are under enormous stress, having been dislocated from their homes; women and children live in fear of Islamic terrorism throughout the Middle East and millions of American immigrants worry about deportation, because Republicans don't believe in compassionate immigration reforms.
These are the news stories our major networks should be focused on, rather than on entertainment news.

Moreover, when news stories reflect positively on the President of the United States, this fact should be just as important as if the reverse situation were evident. 

Especially note Fox News, the rapid responders when blame is due, but mute about POTUS successes. Fox News, of course, gets a double minus Rotten Tomatoes rating for their ability to create yellow journalism, while getting away with calling it "reporting".  NBC news gets a - (minus) in my rating because of the irritating giggling prevalent on the morning Today Show, plus the way the Peter Pan live theater special received the status of headline news.

Let's given President Obama credit when it's due and criticism when he doesn't measure up to expectations. But, the news media should stop creating negative news about President Obama while giving puff pieces headline status.

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