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Monday, May 08, 2017

Trump era look a-likes - throw backs with egos

It's probably coincidental, but it's difficult to ignore too many people in the Donald Trump administration who have weird mirror look a-likes. In the past, I've commented on how Steve Bannon (aka in Saturday Night Live skits is "the Grim Reaper") has an eerie Caucasian resemblance to the North Korean evil dictator Kim Jong-un.  Steve Miller, a communications ghoul for Donald Trump, has an uncanny resemblance to Bella la Gosse, the movie monster of 1950s fame.  In the "femme fatale" category, the White House disappearing act (where is she now?) known as Kellyanne Conway, is a stand in for the Disney character's rendition of the 101 Dalmations, fur obsessed witch, Cruella de Ville.

Moreover, Jarad Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump- who are Donald Trump's daughter and son-in-law, are the Toy Story figures for Ken and Barbie, by Mattel (incidentally, made in China) dolls. 

Well, the list gruesomely goes on.  Now there's right winger Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who looks more like Morticia Addams from the TV sitcoms than the real character, herself. Was it the real Sarah Huckabee Sanders who showed up speaking at the White House press briefing last week, instead of "Spicey"? She looked suspiciously like Morticia Addams, rehearsing for a remake of The Munsters or theAddams Family?

Image result
Morticia Addams? Or is it Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

Honestly, it's no wonder the comedians have such amazing fodder when it comes to writing Donald Trump parodies. The enter cast of egotistical White House wanna-bees are low hanging fruit for script writers who create jokes for a living. Unfortunately, the White House reenactors, who play real life roles on the Washington DC stage, are dangerous power brokers. They're just as likely to sell their souls for fame as to seriously consider their ominous responsibilities to support the values of our American democracy.

Image result for Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Sarah Huckabee Sanders?  Or is it Morticia Addams?

There's probably no such thing as coincidence in the White House cast of character look a-likes. Indeed, each of them seems to fit the part of the person who they most look like. They all share their egos, a trait common in their one degree of separation from fiction.

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