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Saturday, May 06, 2017

My sincere sympathy to family of Senior Chief Petty Officer Kyle Milliken

Navy SEAL killed in Somalia during an operation against terrorist group al-Shabab, was identified Saturday as a decorated 15-year veteran.

Kyle Milliken, a 38-year-old senior chief special warfare operator from Falmouth, Maine, was killed Thursday in a far-flung area of Somalia — about 40 miles west of the capital of Mogadishu — after he and his team came under fire from al-Shabab fighters. 
Although the attackers were "neutralized," Milliken was killed and two others were injured.
A Maine native US Navy Seal Senior Chief Petty Officer, was killed in the 2017, Somalia attack. He was killed in the early morning hours on Friday May 5th. One wonders if the attack where Millikin was killed was usurped.....too sad to contemplate. Was this the second compromised Navy Seal attack, likek the failed Yemen attack on January 21, 2017?
SCPO Kyle Millikin killed in Somalia May 5, 2017

FALMOUTH, Maine — The Pentagon identified a Maine man on Saturday as the Navy SEAL killed in a military operation in Somalia, the first American to die in combat in the African country since 1993.

Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Kyle Milliken, 38, of Falmouth, was killed during an operation Thursday against the extremist group al-Shabab. A Pentagon spokesman said that U.S. special operations troops had come under fire after U.S. aircraft delivered Somali forces to the target area.

“Senior Chief Kyle Milliken embodied the warrior spirit and toughness infused in our very best Navy SEALs,” said Rear Admiral Timothy Szymanski, who is in charge of the Navy SEALs. “His sacrifice is a stark reminder that Naval Special Operators are forward doing their job, confronting terrorism overseas to prevent evil from reaching our shores.”

Milliken’s family asked for privacy in a statement released by Naval Special Warfare Command.

“The Milliken family would like to extend their gratitude to the community for their interest in our beloved Kyle. He was a devoted father and son, a true professional and a wonderful husband,” it said. “While we appreciate your interest, we ask you respect our need for privacy.”

My  sympathy to this grieving Millikin family.

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