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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Donald Trump is a failed leader- Republicans following an albatross POTUS

A few days ago on NBC-TV, the Republican pundit Nicolle Wallace (@NicolleDWallace) said the Democrats have a message problem, or words to that effect.  I took issue with her on Twitter, because, in my opinion, Republicans have a "branding" problem. In other words, the Republican party has sold its soul to white supremacists and right wing extremists who prefer guns over civil discourse. Now, NBC announced a new 4 PM show will be hosted by Wallace, every weekday on MSNBC.  Frankly, it's asking a lot of viewers to listen to her point of view for an entire program, but I certainly wish her luck.  Nevertheless, Wallace is wrong about the Democrats' messaging and, apparently, oblivious to the Republicans' disintegrating brand of extremist politics.  

Nicolle Wallace will host her own political weekday program on MSNBC

In my opinion, Democrats have excellent communicators, who speak truth to power, in our messaging corner, beginning with President Barack Obama. Follow him with the excellent communicator, Vice-President Joe Biden. Moreover, we love President William Jefferson Clinton and his wife Secretary Hillary Clinton. Senator Elizabeth Warren. Representative Joseph Kennedy. Representative Adam Schiff. These are eloquent people who communicate the Democratic messages with credibility and authority. 

Unfortunately, Republicans only hear the dog whistle as spoken by Donald Trump and, as a result, they're unable to hear the messaging when the articulated, intelligent people speak. It's a dangerous Republican hearing deficit and chronic pathology that somehow prevents the tone deaf Trump cult from hearing any messages where the vocabulary contains words longer than two syllables. Instead, they hear words like "fake-news", two words with four letters and only one syllable each.

An article in The National Journal, by Josh Kraushaar, describes the GOP's identity crisis. 

A summary reported in "Best Columns- The Week May 5, 2017"

"What does it mean to be a conservative Republican in the age of Trump?" No one knows, said Josh Kraushaar, as President Trump's unorthodox and rapidly shifting policies have left Republicans with a serious identity crisis. That confusion was on display in the recent special election to fill a House vacancy in Georgia, where the Republican nominee Karen Handel, ran as an orthodox conservative who kept an arm's length distance from Trump.  

Two Republicans who identified themselves as Trump supporters, meanwhile, "performed dismally," getting less than 1 percent of the vote each. Most of the enthusiasm in the conservative district in Georgia was for Democrat Jon Ossoff, who nearly got a majority of votes. Republican voters seem to be demoralized by the party's lack of legislative accomplishments during Trump's first 100 days; Trump's constant changes of position suggest to many Republicans that he "doesn't seem to know what he stands for anymore." That impression has emboldened many Republicans in Congress to distance themselves from the president. The danger is that if the GOP goes into the 2018 midterm elections divided, defensive and with no clear message, it will give Democrats a path to winning back control of the House of Representatives".  (MaineWriter- haha "ya'think?")  God willing.  

In other words- Donald Trump is fast becoming a liability and, therefore, a political albatross.

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