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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Christian Vice-President Mike Pence lies again on Meet the Press

Sunday April 30, 2017 was a missed opportunity for Vice-President Mike Pence during his appearance with moderator Chuck Todd, on Meet the Press. Rather than show executive leadership, the Christian Vice-President, instead, supported the serial of lies about the failed Donald Trump administration's 100 days of double zero accomplishments.  At least, Mr. Vice-President didn't mention the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch in his litany, because that might have been one nugget of truth in the otherwise propaganda riddled interview. Nevertheless, the Gorsuch appointment was hardly a successful effort, considering how the Senate had to collapse decades of protocol to force the simple majority vote.  
Too bad Mr. (Christian) Vice-President Mike Pence can't show independent leadership

Here are the Christian Vice-President's litany of lies on Meet the Press:

Lie #1- Donald Trump is working hard to help middle class Americans.  This is difficult to believe when Donald Trump's first 100 days, saw 31 of those spent playing golf at his palatial luxury Section 8 Housing estate in Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach Fl.  Of course, that's where hard working Americans must pay to play. In truth, middle class people can't afford to go to Mar-a-Lago, but we're paying for the place, nonetheless.  

Lie#2- Donald Trump has signed legislation during the 100 minus 31 days of his administration. Not true. Rather, executive orders have been his only cruel achievements.  In fact, the "Muslim Travel Ban" executive order (EO) has thus far failed in the courts, as being unconstitutional. Another example of a lie is that the stupid anti immigration wall will be paid for by Mexico. Wrong! In truth, the wall is entirely too expensive to build and Mexico won't pay for it.
(How could Christian Vice-President Mike Pence so egregiously lie?) 

Lie #3- Donald Trump's health care plan will reduce insurance premiums, while providing access to coverage for pre-existing conditions.  Oh, paaaaleeeze!  Christian Vice-President Mike Pence used the state of Maine, as an example, of how to make this impossible equation work. Well, HELLO?  I'm a "Maine Writer" and the way it was supposed to work (and did work for a period of time) was that people who pay private insurance premiums were "assessed" a fee that went into a special fund, where pre-existing conditions were covered.  In other words, the cost of covering pre-existing conditions was shifted to the beneficiaries who paid private premiums. Senator Susan Collins, in a subsequent Q&A with Todd, responded to the Vice -President by explaining how this "assessment" was dropped, as a result of Obamacare. In other words, the private pay beneficiaries, who had been assessed, saw the "assessment" reduced off of their insurance bills as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).   

On my Twitter feed, I was able to respond to most of the Christian Vice-President Mike Pence's litany of lies on Meet the Press. Nevertheless, my reality checks were not as rapid paced as the serial lies Christian Vice-President Mike Pence spewed like verbal volcanic ash. Dear Christian Vice-President Mike Pence, have you checked Exodus 31:18.
Unfortunately, Christian Vice-President Mike Pence missed an opportunity on Meet the Press to show independent thinking and progressive leadership.  Mr. Pence is part of the failed 100 (double zero) days of the Donald Trump administration. Moreover, he should be ashamed of himself for telling so many lies.

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