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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Trump lifestyle debated in Tennessee

Republicans act like they have a right to create alternative facts. It amazes me that anybody can defend the wasteful lifeltyle charged off to American taxpayers, we who are picking up the tab for three homes and lavish vacations. Naomi Goodin, of Nashville, wrote a reality check to a Trump defender, who incredulously supported excesses like presidential golf and family ski vacations paid by taxpayers.  Unfortunately, the need to write such  a letter is evidence of how deaf Republicans have become to hearing truth.

"Trump leads lavish lifestyle"- letter to the editor in a debate (can you believe it?) about whether or not Donald Trump is living an extravagant lifestyle?  In the Tennessean news: 
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A saying that shows insensitivity to or incomprehension of the realities of life for the unfortunate

Re: “Trump travel costs insignificant," by Jane Bryan, April 1.(MaineWriter- this sounds like, but isn't, an April Fools letter)

Our 45th president is not who the writer thinks he is.
First, his promise to not collect his salary is already broken. He is indeed collecting it, and the latest story is that he’ll donate it to some charity by the end of the year. It will be interesting to see if that happens and if we get proof.

In (MaineWriter: wrong minded) defense of Mr. Trump’s golfing, the writer mentions President Obama’s golfing. She apparently doesn’t remember that Trump said he wouldn’t take any vacations or go golfing at all.

Breaking that promise too, he’s already on a pace to golf twice as much as President Obama did.

The writer also states that the current president has a vacation place that doesn’t cost taxpayers anything. That is mistaken. The cost to the Secret Service is over $3 million per weekend (which we federal taxpayers pay). In addition, each visit costs Palm Beach County $60,000 per day in overtime pay, and they’ve had over $1 million in other costs to support the visits.

Then there’s the New York residence. We will have paid at least $36 million for Melania Trump to continue to live there until the end of the school year, and if she decides not to move to D.C. we’ll pay about $100 million for 2017. That’s in addition to New York City’s expenses, all unnecessary if she moved to the White House.

We’re footin’ the bill for their lavish lifestyle.

Naomi Goodin, Nashville 37205

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