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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Kobach the Kansas Secretary of State is no immigration authority

Register Muslims?  

A terribly stupid Kris Kobach idea. (Eerily like the Nazi Antisemitic Legislation of 1933-1939)Yellowbadge logo.svg

Sometimes I think the good people of Kansas deserve sympathy for having a Secretary of State who believes Americans who leave the US may not have the right to re-enter the country. In fact, this is exactly what Kris Kobach told Judy Woodruff when she interviewed him on the PBS News Hour. Nevertheless, Kobach believes he is a self anointed immigration authority. (NOT!)

Obviously, Kris Kobach is an authority about nothing. Rather, he's an opportunist "nobody", a person who wants to be "somebody". Therefore, he picked on immigration to get attention, even though, he has no idea what he's talking about. Whaaa? Americans who leave the country do not automatically have a right to re-enter?  HELLO? He has a lot of explaining to do. It appears as though Secretary of State Kobach frequently makes up stuff.
Kris Kobach
Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach - my sympathy to the people of Kansas.

BREAKING: Judge Orders Trump Adviser to Hand Over Controversial Immigration Plan Caught in PhotoKris Kobach is the secretary of state of Kansas, but his influence on conservative immigration and voting rights policy can be felt across the country. Kobach helped to write Arizona’s infamous anti-immigrant “show me your papers” law and helped to shape—and defend in the courts—draconian immigration restrictions in states and municipalities across the country.
Whoops, Kris Kobach Has To Hand Over Document He Brought To Trump Meeting- By Marc Belisle in ReverbPress

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s top immigration adviser was Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. 

In November, Trump met with Kobach to discuss a possible position for him in the White House. During that powwow, Kobach was seen holding a document. An AP photographer captured a high resolution image of the document. The visible area spelled out a 1-year plan for aggressively discriminatory policies. Now, a magistrate judged has ordered Kobach to hand over the document in a lawsuit over voting rights.

“Images of the document showed that it included proposals for registration of citizens of high-risk countries, extreme vetting of foreign visitors, a ban on Syrian refugees, deporting aliens charged with crimes (apparently without regard to whether they’ve been convicted) and building a border wall with Mexico.”

Kansas City Star reported that Kobach was a driving force behind the state’s voter restriction law, “which requires proof-of-citizenship documents.” The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are seeking discovery of the document to find out if it is relevant to the case. Since the contents have already partially become public through a press photo, Judge James O’Hara narrowly granted that discovery. But it will not be handed over the plaintiff’s attorney unless O’Hara decides that it is relevant.

Kobach has been identified by a number of investigators as an extremist who uses his power to discriminate broadly. (Apparently, even against legitimate US Citizens who leave and want to re-enter the country!) The Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit that tracks hate groups, described Kobach as “a central figure in the nativist movement for more than a decade.” In October, 2015, Kobach was a featured speaker at an event for Social Contract, a white nationalist and anti-immigrant hate group, Mother Jones reported. (But, Kobach is a Donald Trump ally).

Kobach also “wrote the book” on Trump’s idea for a Muslim registry. Since Donald Trump’s (illegal) travel ban against 7, then reduced to 6, predominantly Muslim countries has been shot down in court twice, it’s not clear what, if any, plan the Donald Trump administration 
has now to follow through on its (illegal) threats to register Muslims.

(Maine Writer- Let's try an experiment.)  How about we ask Kris Kobach to leave the country and then tell him he doesn't have the automatic right to re-enter?  Clearly, Kobach is "stupid is as stupid does", thank you Forrest Gump.

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