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Saturday, April 01, 2017

Lie Library solicitations - Trump legacy

Image result for idea graphic

This will be a copyright (c)Idea so I can apply for the exclusive fund raising consultant position!
Here's my exclusive donor's list:
(New Donor!*)

Image result for idea graphics

1.  Birthers United 
(Hawaii charitable contribution application not yet approved)

2.  Wire Tap Theorists Association 
(Requests to be a branding sponsor)
Image result for wire tap graphics

3. Inspector Clusteau Guild 
(Still looking for their solicition letter)

4.  Uranium Dowsers 
(Unfortunately declined to contribute.)
Image result for Dowsers logoImage result for Kislyak

5.  Russian Ex-Patriots Collaborative (Pledges will be made in Russian Rubles - value= $0.18 per U$Dollar)
Flag of Russia.svg

6.   Tax Frauders alumni of Federal Prison Camps (FPCs) (Awaiting the non-profit corporation tax ID number)

7.   Amateur Microwave Espionage Operators
Rick and Morty Hardcover, Book 1

8.  Coal Miners Whistling in the Wind Foundation (CMWITWF)
Image result for Whistling in the wind graphic
MMEX a major contributer = $0.03 a share

9.  Trump University Survivors Association (TUSA) - pledged all coinage received, in change, after paying their lawyers fees.  (Hey! Every little bit helps!)  
10. NEW! -  Ken and Barbie Historical Society - name request "Ivanka and Eric Trump Reading and Writing Room"

11* (NEW!!)  The "Betrayed by NAFTA" support group- will match pledges from donations made by Mexicans or Canadians.

12.** (New!New!)  "Witch Hunt Stakeholders Assoc."- created for the purpose of protecting their brand.  They will match all contributions designated to creating a Salem Statuary Hall.

A fund raising goal will be announced at kick off ceremonies planned at a reception to be hosted by Ambassador Sergey Kislyak
Letterhead is being designed by the chair .

Donald Trump's legacy must be immortalized!

* NewDonor!! Stormy Daniels fan club!

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