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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Blaming the wrong people- Donald Trump is where the buck stops

Syria- Trump's moment of terrible truth- where the buck stops.
Wake up Donald Trump! You are now in charge. No more grandstanding, beer hall rallies or screaming rhetorical slogans. In fact, you are where the buck stops.

"The buck stops here" was a phrase popularized by U.S. President Harry S. Truman, who kept a sign, with that phrase, on his desk in the White House Oval Office. 
Image result for Harry Truman the buck stops here
It's become proverbial, in that the phrase means the President makes the decisions and accept the ultimate responsibility for decisions made and directed, by him.

Certainly, when UN Ambassador Nikki Haley raised the pictures of Syrian children struggling to breath because they were attacked by nerve gas, she raised the "red line" expectations bar very high for Donald Trump and his administration. Certainly, it was her clarion call to respond! Of course, in the past Donald Trump has opposed US interventions in Syria, just because he was opposed to everything, when he was campaigning to win the election regardless of the consequences.  Now, of course, Donald Trump must govern and Ambassador Nikki Haley has called him to act- by showing the world the consequences of inaction.

Syria never disposed of toxic chemical weapons, as Russia said they would do. Proof of it was in the renewed nerve gas attacks.

As a result, Donald Trump is being tested to react to the Assad regime's heinous war crimes, attacking his own Syrian citizens with nerve gas.  He must be removed from power - tried for war crimes and publicly executed.  Taking out Assad with a drone or missile isn't enough. In fact, the world must witness justice. 

In fact, Assad must suffer, by forcing him to confront the genocide he inflicted on his own people and be brought to justice.

This is the red line for Donald Trump.  He must respond. It's like a deadly roulette game. If his reaction fails, his regime will never recover (that's one bet).  On the other hand, if Assad is captured or killed, the consequences of that outcome are yet to be determined (an other bet).  And the third option?  Well, if Assad is removed from power (and he certainly will be) the power struggle for control of Syria will be between Russia and the USA.  In other words, all three roulette options are loaded with risks. Nevertheless, the risk of doing nothing will be equated with weakness and failure.

So, Donald Trump - guess what?  "The Buck Stops With You".

No more "blame the other person", as you're so apt to do.  
Your failed Seal Team 6 Yemen raid was a disaster, yet you blamed it on President Obama, because it flopped.  If Seal Team 6 in Yemen had succeeded, and the Muslim women had never taken up arms on the rooftops to fight the incoming assault, then the Trump horns would've touted success.  But Yemen failed.

Syria cannot be blamed or credited with anyone but Donald Trump.
Faites vos jeux 

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