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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Senator Jeff Sessions pleads for Donald Trump while Trumpet keeps on Trumping

Donald Trump has insulted the world. but now he wants special treatment by the media.

It's typical of bullies to turn the tables on the very people who they have harmed. 

For Donald Trump, this means "the news media". Although he was the darling of the news ratings games during the primary elections, he is now blaming these same people for his tanking campaign. Forget the fact that Trump's communications are incendiary and disorganized, they are just plain stupid. Now, he has his bigot friend Senator Jeff Sessions, R-of Alabama, crying to leave the Trump baby bully alone.
Senator Jeff Sessions R-Alabama, is trying to explain what Donald Trump said, like the bully who calls in his friends to protect him but won't fend for himself. 
Shame on Senator Sessions. He should let Donald Trump defend his own terrible communications!

Rather than educate Donald Trump and his black booted followers about how to communicate during a national presidential campaign, the tactic, instead, is to blame the media, rather than improve relations with them.

Senator Sessions of Alabama has now been called in to help rescue what's clearly a crises situation. "Stop picking on my racist friend".

In USA Today, Sen. Sessions reports: "This piling on must stop". My response is, "piling on of what and by who?" 

If Senator Sessions means "piling on of Trumponian lies" as in, lies and pants on fire, more lies, then the world is in agreement with his assessment. On the other hand, if he means piling on Donald Trump because of his racist, threatening and cruel comments, then the classic proverb of "what goes around comes around" holds steady. In other words, Donald Trump is getting precisely what he deserves because he doesn't want to be held accountable for his bully and lying behavior. Senator Sessions is looking mighty stupid by supporting Donald Trump when the 70 year old candidate is perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

Senator Sessions came out with an opinion article to explain what Donald Trump tried to say when he issued a violence threat against Secretary Clinton.

Here's what Senator Sessions wrote in an opinion published in USA Today:

"News media fixate on Mr. Trump's comments instead of fairly covering Clinton’s damaging actions."Here's a link to the Senator Sessions article:
My Maine Writer response:

Dear Senator Sessions, it's impossible to compare any of Secretary Clinton's actions, humanitarian and political with the ugly, mean spirited, racist, bigoted and condescending rhetoric you have spewed non-stop like a perennial volcano. 

You have insulted the world! Now, try to explain yourself! Learn to apologize, become humble, and learn how to present yourself as a world leader, rather than a bumbling and hateful idiot.  

Stop issuing threats against nearly everybody. Instead, release your income taxes!

Senator Sessions, that goes for you, too.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign keeps on Trumpeting nonsense and then wonders why the candidate is misunderstood. HELLO?

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