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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Donald Trump "Tear Down This Wall!"

There's a growing bipartisan cacophony bleating about Donald Trump being unqualified to be elected the leader of the free world. Indeed, as President Obama has pointed out, the free world doesn't want him, the Democrats obviously disdain him and at least a quarter of Republicans want to dump him.  
June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan said "Tear down this wall" in Berlin. His words are a clarion call for 2016 Republicans, who continue to build walls of obstruction and intolerance.

Providing some political cover for respectable Republicans who want to warn the public about the dangers of Donald Trump's emotional instability is Maine's Senator Susan Collins. She doesn't want anyone leading the nation who will over react to real or perceived threats, like Donald Trump demonstrates by his erratic behavior. Moreover, she rightfully doesn't believe Donald Trump has shown an ability to change and emotionally grow.

In other words, Donald Trump  is clearly incapable of political leadership. Therefore, the Republicans must disqualify him as soon as possible, before any more damage is done to our nation.  

Thankfully, our brave American Olympians 2016, led by swimmer Michael Phelps, are saving our national face with the world at the Rio summer games. Otherwise, there'd be little pride to be gleaned by Americans, while we're exposed to Trumponian "Big Lies", coupled with veiled and cowardly threats of 2nd amendment violence towards Trump's political opponent, Secretary Hillary Clinton.

But, the ghostly voice I hear rising decibels above the cacophony for Trump's removal is that of President Ronald Reagan. His clarion call to "tear down this wall!" in a speech given in on June 12, 1987, in Berlin, Germany, has metaphoric value. Frankly, "this wall" is any wall where human being are being unfairly punished by keeping some people inside and pushing others out.

Since it's the Republicans who continue to resurrect President Ronald Reagan like he's the corpse at an Irish Wake, I think it's fair game to use the words he gave us to remind Republicans about how regressive they've been by supporting Donald Trump's failed political candidacy.

Republicans are the party of Abraham Lincoln, the party that freed African slaves, but many of their right wing zealots are clearly racists. As a matter of fact, Republicans apparently forget that President Abramah Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation but was murdered by a gunshot on April 15, 1865, at Ford's Theater. Nevertheless, Republicans continue to support unbridled Second Amendment rights, regardless of how many innocent people and public safety personnel are the victims of this unbridled law. Second amendment rights are like an untreated cancer on our society. Although Americans will always have the right to bear arms, we have no right to abuse this law by having unregulated access to automatic weapons created for the purpose of killing people. Even President Ronald Reagan opposed the National Rifle Association, after he left office. "Tear down this wall" is a metaphor for the resistance the Republicans have towards preventing gun violence morbidities and mortalities, just because the National Rifle Association pays to protect this "wall". Shame on all Republicans who ignore the safety of innocent Americans while supporting the National Rifle Association. Ronald Reagan would want you to "tear down" that wall or resistance.

As Elizabeth Warren ways on "Twitter"- #no_seriously!  

Donald Trump and the intolerance he represents must be torn down. Republicans must disqualify this dangerous man because he has virtually no political skills and his emotional instability is a danger to himself and others. Republicans must "tear down this wall" and remove Donald Trump, before his angry movement brings down, and destroys forever, the entire Grand Old Party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. Seriously!

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