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Friday, August 05, 2016

Political endorsements are more reliable than the poll numbers

News media relish the opportunity to create a big deal about political polls; but these measurements of public sentiment are as fleeting as running water. The data makes a big news splash, but quickly circle the drain within a few days of their analysis. That's because people change their minds after they're asked their opinions and, sometimes, they even, deliberately, lie.
Secretary Hillary Clinton's political endorsements are more impressive than the whims of people who are reported in polls.

Therefore, in my opinion, the more reliable indicator of how voters feel about particular candidates or ballot intiatives are the surrogates who speak in support of the issues being decided or on behalf of individuals running for office. In this more stable political milieu, Secretary Hillary Clinton is absolutely excelling.

I have little regard for how news pundits are evaluating political polls right now. Surely, it's great news for Hillary Clinton to know about how her Democartic National Convention in Philadelphia boosted her political poll numbers. Indeed, Mrs. Clinton's poll numbers needed a good dose of political oxygen and she got a high liter of it from the Philadelphia convention.  Nevertheless, every day brings up another challenge, like an eroding "drip-drip-drip" that must constantly be challenged. There are no days off between today and the presidential election.

As a result, I've seen Mrs. Clinton's political endorsements as a source of strength when trying to bring perspective to the 2016 election. Rather than a quick snapshot of volitile public opinion, the political endorsements are made by thoughtful individuals and groups, after thoughtfully evaluation of the candidates and issues. These endorsements are more reliable than the ebbs and flows of political polls.

Obviously, politiccal endorsements generally follow the polls but in this election they even appear to be ahead of public opinion.

Today, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and former CIA director Michael Morell are also endorsing Hillary/Kaine
In The New York Times, Morrell wrote:

During a 33-year career at the Central Intelligence Agency, I served presidents of both parties — three Republicans and three Democrats. I was at President George W. Bush’s side when we were attacked on Sept. 11; as deputy director of the agency, I was with President Obama when we killed Osama bin Laden in 2011.
I'm neither a registered Democrat nor a registered Republican. In my 40 years of voting, I have pulled the lever for candidates of both parties. As a government official, I have always been silent about my preference for president.

No longer. On Nov. 8, (Morell writes) I will vote for Hillary Clinton. Between now and then, I will do everything I can to ensure that she is elected as our 45th president.

Leading Mrs. Clinton's endorsements in the "Clinton/Kaine" campaign are these presidential endorsements:

  • President Barack Obama
  • President Jimmy Carter
  • President William Jefferson Clinton
Vice Presidential and cabinet endorsements are:,_2016

Two personal favorites of mine, on the long list of those who endorsed Secretary Clinton/Senator Kaine, are Governor Martin O'Malley, the 61st Governor of Maryland and Former Congressman Tom Allen, of Maine.

In Maine, the Secretary Clinton Endorsements are:
Sen. Justin Alfond, Maj. Leader
Rep. Christopher Babbidge
Rep. Henry Beck
Rep. Mattie Daughtry
Rep. Mark Eves, Speaker[226]
Sen. Ryan Fecteau
Sen. Stan Gerzofsky
Rep. Gay Grant
Sen. Anne Haskell
Sen. Dawn Hill
Rep. Erik Jorgensen
Rep. John L. Martin
Rep. Matt Moonen
Sen. Linda Valentino
Rep. Joan Welsh

Sen. Emily Cain (2012–14)
Sen. Cynthia Dill (2011–12)
Sen. Libby Mitchell, Sen. Pres. (2008–10)

To this list, please add Juliana L'Heureux RN,

Media endorsements are a growing list and include:
Newspapers and magazines

The Advocate
Charleston Gazette-Mail, Charleston, WV
Chattanooga Times Free Press
City Newspaper, Rochester, NY
Daily Kos, blog (add  Maine Writer blog)
Falls Church News-Press, Falls Church, VA
The Fresno Bee, Fresno, CA
Houston Chronicle
Indy Week, Raleigh, NC
New York Daily News
New Pittsburgh Courier
Rolling Stone
The Sacramento Bee
The St. Louis American
San Jose Mercury News
The Santa Fe New Mexican
South Florida Gay News, Wilton Manors, FL
Washington Blade, Washington, DC

This impressive endorsement list for Clinton/Kaine continues to grow and should be viewed with confidence by supporters who should not be influenced by the whims of political polls.  

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