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Monday, July 04, 2016

Newt Gingrich is the Donald Trump designated "whiner"

It appears Newt Gingrich chooses to be the water bearer for Donald Trump.  In fact, Gingrich is complaining (aka "whining") about how poorly The Washington Post and The New York Times are treating his preferred "bigfoot in his mouth" candidate Donald Trump. Well, somebody must tell the candidate Trump that he's like the Hans Christian Anderson Emporer, who wore no cloths. If The Washington Post or The New York Times don't reveal the truth to candidate Trump's litany of lies, then who will? Can we trust Newt Gingrich to tell Americans the truth about how to protect (a) universal access to health care (b) affordable education (c) Social Security (d) Medicare and (e) a woman's right to quality health care? I don't think so. Let the Free Press do their jobs.

Image: Newt: NYT, WashPost in 'All-Out War' Against Trump
Former Speaker of the House Gingrich is now a water bearer for candidate Donald Trump. Oh paaaleeeze! Surely, Gingrich has better things to do than defend "bigfoot in his smouth"  Donald Trump.
Newt says: NewYorkTimes, WashPost in 'All-Out War' Against Trump (even after the main stream media, aka "lame stream media" haha,- thank you for the Palinism) gave away million$ maybe a billion dollars in free media time to candidate Donald Trump. 

So, now his water bearer Gingrich compalins when the presumptive Repubican nominee is treated like a real political nominee. What is wrong with this whining?  Smplistically stated, it's immature.

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich denounced The New York Times and Washington Post for their coverage of (candidate) Donald Trump, declaring both prestigious newspapers were engaged in an "all-out war" with the GOP presumptive nominee.

In an interview with New York businessman John Catsimatidis on his radio show "The Cats Roundtable," Gingrich, who is considered to be on Trump's short list of possible vice presidential picks, used the case of a Times story on Trump's interaction with women as a case in point. (Oh paaaleeeeze.....Newt Gingrich, surely bigfoot candidate Donald Trump can handle an article about his relationship with women. Afterall, he managed to deal with his ex-wife Ivana's accusation of being raped....)

"Both The New York Times and the Washington Post have been in an all-out war to try to redefine Donald Trump," Gingrich said.
(Well, HELLO? Trump  violated the US Constitution's First Amendment Free Speech law, by (unbelieveably) banning The Washington Post from his "Brown Shirt" rallies. This decision didn't help him to gain credibility with of the free press.)

"No, seriously!". Listen up, Donald Trump! If you believe in telling "truth", than you must take the candidate at his words...indeed, all of his words. Trump's words are offensive, they are racist, bigoted and even ignorant (for example, "They don't look like Indians").

Suck it up, New Gingrich. Donald Trump must be accoutnable for his words and you cannot be defending him. 

Surely, Newt Gingrigh, you have better things to do than to be Donald Trump's waterbearer.  

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