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Sunday, July 03, 2016

Roman Catholic woman blogs to Newt Gingrich

Dear Mr. Newt Gingrich, So,  you appear eager to be asked to run as a vice-presidential nominee, with Republican Donald Trump. As a Roman Catholic, how can you justify such an ambitious goal? Remember, "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth"? Meekness is not one of your personality strong suits.

Nevertheless, as a Roman Catholic woman, this is my advice to you. In my opinion, you cannot reconcile your conversion to Catholicism with Donald Trump's vision of the world  Follow the lead of your colleague Governor John Kasich.  Find other plans.
Newt Gingrich should follow the moral tenets of his chosen Roman Catholicism and not consider being a Trump sidekick
Here's why:

1.  Donald Trump's draconian response to immigration reform might meet the criteria for genocide.  There is no way Americans can deport immigrants based solely  on their religious beliefs or Hispanic ethnicity.  As a humanitarian and as a religious person, genocide causes carnage and, in Catholicism, it is a serious sin.

2.  Donald Trump's inability to tell the truth violates the Ten Commandment, "Thou shall not lie". In fact, Donald Trump can't handle the truth, because he makes it up as he goes along and then changes his lies to fit his own purposes.  

3.  Donald Trump is a greedy and a "thin skinned bully". "No, seriously!"  As I understand it, "greed" goes with "pride" as synergistic sins, because they're self serving attributes. Roman Catholicism teaches us to be charitable and humble.

4.  Donald Trump believes "water boarding" will destroy the evil of the self declared Caliphate declared by the Islamic State.  In other words, he says, if Americans torture Muslims, we can defeat ISIS. Even the US military and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) say they won't do it, because it's wrong and lowers our military to the degrading level of the enemy.  Fighting fire with fire is not a strategy, it's just a simplistic way  of speaking to the fear many people have, when they don't understand war strategies. As Einstein said, you cannot solve a problem in the same plane in which it was created. In other words, evil ISIS won't be defeated because torture is used on its delusional followers. Instead, a bigger picture strategy must be used. Besides, torture is a sin, because it a deliberate pre-meditated harm caused by inflicting pain on another person who might, indeed, be innocent of any wrongdoing.

5.  Donald Trump has no "moral compass". In his life, Donald Trump hasn't demonstrated any overt act by which he shows compassion for the human condition other than to promote his own aggrandizement, to increase his power.  Symptomatically, he's exhibited signs of narcissism, misogyny and even multiple personality disorder (aka "dissociative disorder"). In other words, Donald Trump could be mentally ill.  His moral compass is pointed to his ego.  As your mother likely told you, "Be wary of who your friends are....".  Donald Trump is nobody your  mother would want you to hang around with, because he's a bad influence, especially on a converted Roman Catholic.

6.  Donald Trump believes the women who choose to have abortions should be "punished".  This is totally wrong minded. In fact, when women choose abortions, they should be asked to seek help to overcome the remorse they may experience as a result of this decision, but not punishment. It's repugnant to the Right To Life and to Pro-Choice advocates to put forth punishment as a response to the women who chooses to have abortions. Punishment is no way to respond to the woman who has chosen to end a pregnancy. 

Although, Mr. Gingrich, it may be you aren't the only person Donald Trump is vetting to be his political sidekick, I'm  assuming the same six points apply to Roman Catholic Governor Chris Christie, as well. 

Even considering to align with Donald Trump is a hypocritical act because his stated policies on immigration, torture, consequences for abortion and his inability to focus on the truth, are contrary to Roman Catholic moral teachings.

In other words, as Governor John Kasich says, "find other plans" for your future.  It makes no sense to align with Donald Trump when his views and opinions are clearly antagonistic with the social and theological teachings of the Roman Catholic faith, which is the religion to which you are a Baptized member.

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