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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Donald Trump created bombastic narrative now has to live with consequences

Congressman Trey Gowdy wasted  plenty of tax payer money during the Benghazi Congressional Committee investigation.

Gowdy's investigation was a bust, just like the grueling interrogation of Secretary Clinton for 11 hours, during the inquisition conducted on an innocent American citizen, that also came up with nothing.
Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, led a witch hunt costing taxpayers over $7 million dollars and lasting longer than the Watergate hearings.

In fact, the expenses for this political witch hunt are now an extraordinary $7, 163,697 and continue to grow.  This is obviously a terrible waste.

Although Gowdy's investigative expenses are, in retrospect, unjustified, the fact is, stupid Donald Trump missed a rare political opportunity as a result of the Congressional witch hunt. 

Think about it! Trump could've led news shows with more of his "Big Lies", by giving his opinion to the Gowdy investigation, regardless of what the report came up with, which was essentially, nothing.

Instead, Trump created such a bombastic campaign narrative during the election primaries, laden with bigotry and misogyny, so much so, that he can't criticize Secretary Clinton, without spotlighting his own dismal credibility. He brought this incredible situation on himself!  If he had behaved, been professional during the primary elections, Trump could've possibly taken center stage to consume the Benghazi narrative. Instead, Trump's irresponsible name calling during the political slam of his Republican competitors has left him with a hallow rhetorical response on Benghazi.

As a result, Trump failed on the Benghazi report, like he was reaching for another name to call the presumptive Democratic nominee. Rather than seize the moment, Trump wasted nearly as much time as Congressman Gowdy burned through money. Trump's criticism to the Benghazi report amounted to nothing more than hallow echoes that just bounced off ancient dead valley rocks.

Honestly, if Trump behaved like an adult, or had presented himself as a bona fide political leader during the primary elections, the situation with Secretary Clinton, right now, would be potentially different. (Thank goodness Trump is inept. Nevertheless, he's still dangerous.)  Clearly, Secretary Clinton is the qualified presidential candidate and her illuminated resume was just given a boost. Nothing Clinton said about Benghazi was proven wrong by Gowdy.

Now, post the expensive Gowdy investigation, voters are saying, "Hey! There's no 'there there'". If Trump had been a credible primary candidate, he might've been able to influence the debate about what happened in Benghazi. by spinning a credibile narrative. Instead, Trump is churning more third grade words, like "Benghazi was 'bad'". Well, yes, tell us what we don't know. 

Perhaps, Trump was playing political roulette. In my opinion, Trump believed the Republicans were going to pin all kinds of stuff on Secretary Clinton, while he ranted and raged to attract media attention and satisfied the right wing radical zealots. Well, Trump's gamble failed. In fact, Trump flopped. His right wing campaign has fizzled, while Secretary Clinton's reputation has not been damaged as much as Trump has eviscerated his own credibility. 

Moreover, Congressman Gowdy can't justify his investigation. Indeed, Gowdy side stepped questions about Secretary Clinton's role in the tragedy, because there was no "there there".  Here's a list of how daunting Gowdy's investigation was, when compared to real crises of the past. Rather than bring credibility to the Benghazi investigation, this chart shows just how bizarre the investment of time and money were, when compared to really serious crises:

Pear Harbor investigation-  285 days
Watergate hearings             406 days
September 11 hearings        478 days
JFK Assassination               300 days
But Benghazi?  OMG! -       853  days

As for Secretary Clinton's credibility, there were no surprises in the Benghazi report. In fact, Lisa DesJardins of PBSNewsHour, says she saw National Security Advisor Susan Rice's name in Gowdy's led report, more often then Secretary Clinton.

In praise of Secretary Clinton, I can't imagine how she maintained her professional composure, while knowing she had no part in what brought about the Benghazi tragedy. She was completely composed, while Congressman Gowdy unjustly created confusion about what happened in a situation where he was not there and nobody who was there is alive.

In my lay person opinion, the only people who knew what happened in Benghazi are not alive to respond to questions. 

Shame on Congressman Gowdy. In fact, he wasted millions of tax dollars to prove that Secretary Clinton wasn't involved in the tragedy.

Meanwhile, candidate Donald Trump created his own inept consequences of being unable to respond with credibility to anything at all. He must never be elected to lead the free world and should not be nominated to lead the Republican party.

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