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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Donald Trump gives "lights out": A New Hampshire lightbulb speech

Absent was the background saturated with a sea of red white and blue, while Donald Trump gave a psuedo spotanious "non-political" speech to zealous New Hampshire fans. 

 Instead, in New Hampshire, the candidate Donald Trump gave a subdued talk about trade, in a location where a light bulb factory closed. Obviously, Trump's political advisors didn't think about the message this scene might send, to peoople who wonder if the "light bulb" ever goes on in his "make America great again" slogan. Does "great again" mean we're supposed to manufacture light bulbs that are now nearly as archiac as starting fire with sticks and stones? Rather than promote new electrical technology, Donald Trump preached about bringing a light bulb factory back to New Hampshire. Obviously, it's "lights out" on this old technology. 

In fact, making American great again means investing in efficient electronic technology,  to manufacture better light bulbs.

Jim Hoft Jun 30th
Donald Trump spoke on trade in Manchester, New Hampshire 
Image result for graphic light bulb off
Former Campaign Manager (who was fired) Corey Lewandowski, reportedly, attended the rally. (Interesting, nobody sent Lewandowski's lost job to China! In fact, he lost it the old fashioned way.  Donald Trump fired him, just like on TV!).

It's difficult to understand how Donald Trump's blind followers can support him as a leaership candidate when he's so politically inept. There's a huge difference between being "unpolitical" and being "politically inept".  Donald Trump is definitely unqualified to be a candidate for the position of leader of the free world.

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