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Friday, July 01, 2016

Donald Trump and his adolescent Republican campaign

Mommy-ism: “You’re Grounded for Life!” , might be the anecdote for "you're fired!"

A spoiled teenager comes to mind whenever I'm witnessnessing the daily reports about how Donald Trump is conducting (rather mis-conducting) himself, while running as a Republican candidate for leader of the free world.  

In fact, I can hear those teen age "mommyisms" chiming, "Don't let me have to come over there.....!", but, indeed, it would be berter if somebody pulled Trump by the ear and grounded him to his room until after the 2016, election in November.  I suspect Trumpy-Dumpty could still bring in about 35 percent of the stupid right wing Republican vote, even if he hid out in a cage until after the election. 

Yet, in hiding out, he might even be helpful. Indeed, it's possible a "hide out campaign" would protect the "down ballot" candidates who don't want anything to do with him, while they struggle for their own political survival.
Donald Trump usese adolescent behavior to attract attention. Problem is, adolescents (thankfully) can't vote!

As difficult as it is to understand, Donald Trump continues to conudct his campaign like a spoiled adolescent. Worse, there's just no "mommy" around who can discipline or advise him otherwise.

For example, Trump gave what was supposed to be a trade speech in front of a Manchester, New Hampshire closed light bulb factory. It's a comical correlation to put Trump in front of dead light bulbs. 

There was no hint of red white and blue or campaign colleagues to be seen. The only person of significance who showed up appeared to be the man Trump fired as his campaign chairman. It was truly adolescent of fired campaign chairman Corey Lewandowski, who is apparently a resident of New Hampshire, to stalk his former boss who had fired him only about two weeks prior, especially when he was given a posh job at Cable News Network (CNN) right afterward! What was Lewandowski thinking?  In my mind, by following Trump to the light bulb factory, Lewandowski was like stalking his former boss. Obviously, the light bulbs in both mens heads were on "off".  In a cartooning visual, I conjured up spin offs of "how many light bulbs?" jokes (like, how many light bulbs does it take to brighten up Donald Trump with a teleprompter?  Maybe he needs an electrician!).  

Moreover, Trump made an adolescent comment made about Mexico, totally off script and not appropriate, when an airplane happened to fly overhead during his speech. So, Trump suggested that maybe the Mexicans were going to drop a bomb from the airplane! Hello?  Obviously, the light bulb in Trump's head was overheated.

Only an adolescent would make such an immature comment about an airplane that happened to be in the vacinity of his political "light bulb" speech.

Associated Press (AP) reported: Trump talked trade at shuttered NH factory. Unfortunately, the problem was, all the light bulbs in Trump'shead were on "off".

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Republican Donald Trump talked trade at a shuttered New Hampshire factory on Thursday, putting a more personal spin on his vow to rip up the nation's trade deals and impose new tariffs in an effort to revive local manufacturing jobs.

Speaking to a small, invitation-only crowd outside the closed Osram Sylvania plant, which used to manufacture lighting products, Trump again called for backing away from decades of U.S. policy that encouraged trade with other nations. 

Amazingly, Trump's approach marked a departure from the free-trade tenants of conservative orthodoxy, and was quickly panned by Democrats as well as the usually Republican-friendly U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which warned it would lead to millions of job losses and a recession.

Trump used the factory, which closed in 2014, and moved some of the 139 jobs moved to a plant in Mexico, as an example of the human toll of trade deals like NAFTA. (North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement).  

Only seven minutes into his light bulb speech, as The New York Times reported,Trump saw an airplane overhead and suggested it might be Mexico attempting to drop a bomb.  It wasn't funny. Now, blog readers, that's a verbal indication of insecurity. He was acting like a teenager to attract attention to himself, but away from the issue at hand. 

Although Donald Trump has successfuly drawn attention to his campaign by continuing to use unconventional methods of communicating, like "winging it"....he is clearly running out of political steam (and money).  Perhaps his adolescent behavior is drawing the media to his rallies like mosquitoes drawn to light bulbs, the fact is, his followers do not provide enough critical mass to help him win an election.  In other words, adolescents are not allowed to vote.  It's likely too late to ground Donald Trump for his terrible adolescent mis-behavior, but doing so could protect the rest of the Republican party from experiencing a behavioral melt down. #NeverTrump



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