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Friday, July 08, 2016

Dysfunctional Americans pray momens of silence but Congress does nothing

Gun Violence Must Stop!

To the rest of the world, Americans must look like morose fools when we mournfully observe our moments of silence, but do virtually nothing to stop murders by gun violence.  
Image result for graphic ostrich head in sand
Americans are acting like the proverbial ostrich with our heads in the sand, rather than dealing with the dangers of growing and preventable gun violence.

Stupid politicians like Donald Trump and Republican right wing brown shirts are screeching like hyenas about terrorism, but our greatest threat to national security appears to be from the guns we allow people to buy, just so they can murder our own people. 

This kind of pathological mourning has, in fact, become destructive because nothing is resolved. We're becoming more like the proverbial ostrich that puts its head in the sand, rather than face danger.

When victims of domestic abuse continue to return to live with the perpetrator of their distress, the clinicians might call this a "dysfunctional" relationship. Therefore, in my opinion, American who continue to pray and engage in moments of silence in response to the growing ravages of preventable gun violence, are causing our society to become dysfunctional, because we continue to respond the same way to a problem where the solution is clear. End gun violence by regulating the sale of guns and deadly ammunition.

Let's stop being dysfunctional! Americans can't continue to keep our heads in the sand, feeling like the prevention of gun violence isn't our problem or it's a "Second Amendment Issue". Instead, Americans must demand an end to gun violence. 

We must vote out of office all Republicans who obstruct the laws to reduce and eliminate gun violence. 

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