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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Republicans have no plan for America- they just whine

It's sad to read the daily political reports about how the Republicans are critical of everything, but unwilling to solve anything.  

Now, Republicans are complaining about President Obama being in Cuba, attending an international baseball game, when the American Tampa FL team was playing the Cubans. Instead, the Republicans, the wanna-be presidents, think President Obama should've returned to Washington DC. Yet, when Republicans complain about where President Obama was while Brussels was attacked, they have no idea about what President Obama would do if he returned to Washington DC? It's plainly stupid to criticize President Obama without offering any constructive advice. Ted Cruz whines, Rudy Guilini pontificates, but neither offers a plan for improving the Brussels crises.

In fact, President Obama was building an important relationship with our Cuban neighbors, a mere 90 miles from Key West, Florida. Besides, right wing Republicans go into seizures about the possibility of closing the Guantanamo prison where suspected terrorists are being held for years, without trials. Yet, Republicans are appalled because President Obama wants to build relationships with Cuba that will improve our potential to maintain the base located on Cuban property. 

Meanwhile, the terrible Brussels attacks were conducted by terrorists who were, apparently, hiding in plain view of their neighbors. Do Republicans think President Obama can fix the Belgian security system? It certainly makes more sense for President Obama to fix what he has the power to repair- meaning, the US-Cuban international relationship.  
Rudy Giuliani speaks to Fox News on Dec. 28, 2014. [Fox News]
Rudy Giuliani: Obama should have cut Cuba trip short because Brussels was his ‘Pearl Harbor’-OMG: Brussels was certainly not Pearl Harbor. Indeed, does Guiliani know Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii?

Somehow, the Belgians have to figure out how their security was unable to find known terrorists living right under their noses in downtown Brussels. President Obama cannot help them.

Terrorists intend for their horror to disrupt people's lives. Therefore, none of us can let them have their heinous way.  

President Obama made the perfect decision to stay in Cuba while his international team supports European efforts to destroy evil ISIS, the radical Islamic caliphate that's living in their midst, among the population, in plain site.

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