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Monday, March 21, 2016

Ten ways to defeat Donald Trump- fight fire with fire

Unfortunately, reasonable people, those who do what their mothers taught them, to "think before you act", would never consider stooping to Donald Trump's low level of political rhetoric, to win votes. Nevertheless, the Trumponian communications' style of being "not politically correct" has probably changed the way Americans will perceive political discourse, at least for the foreseeable future. In other words, the only way to defeat an extremist candidate like Donald Trump is to follow the proverb of "fighting fire with fire". Indeed, the Republicans who are intent on taking down Donald Trump, because of his outrageous extremism, racial bigotry and inciting violence at his campaign rallies, must learn the ugly art of "take down". As in wrestling, a brutal sport, Trump opponents must swiftly bring down the candidate who is now standing tall, because he has the most primary election delegates to win the Republican nomination to run as president of the United States. But, he's not qualified by experience or anything else to run the nation or be an international world leader.  

Indeed, it's time to take Trump to the mat, so to speak, and here are ten suggestions about how the Republican establishment can finally remove him from the political scene:
Republicans must learn to "fight fire witfire".

1.  Stop renting Trump enterprises properties - surely, many Republicans are renting space in a Trump real estate deal.  Stop doing it, give notice on your lease, ASAP.

2.  Publish and give away copies of Mein Kampf with Trump's picture and facsimile signature on the cover, in the place of the Nazi insignia.

3.  Stop sending media to follow the violent Trump campaign rallies. In the absence of television of video cameras, the Trump campaign train would quickly de-rail.

4.  Give Megyn Kelly an opening act on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Can the real Kelly anchor a news skit with comedian Tina Fey?

5.  An even better idea, is have Secretary Hillary Clinton play the part of Megyn Kelly, in a news skit with comedian Tina Fey!

6.  Ask, Donald Trump if he will use American Labor Union workers to build his immigration wall, to keep Mexican immigrants from crossing into the USA? (Obviously, Mexico will have to pay American labor wages, if they're really going to build Trump's mythical wall.) Maybe, if Mexican workers could be paid the same as those in the US, it's possible they would build the wall to keep the American workers out of Mexico.

7. An even better idea, is to ask Donald Trump any intelligent question at all, that's especially related to public policy and how he intends to improve the human condition?

8. Take away Donald Trump's "twitter handle" (@therealdonaldtrump)! The reason being, because he uses his social media exposure to incite violence, racism and sedition.

9.  Pay FoxNews and Rupert Murdock ad rates, to show the Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick hilarious video "Trumped"- over and over, and over and over again.

10.  Show a video  of Donald Trump life-like manikins being thrown into the Winooski River, in Burlington Vermont, with a boom box playing "throw them out, throw them out in the cold, take their coats and throw them out", playing full blast on scaffolding.

A combination of all of the above, coordinated in nearly the same news cycle enough to educate Trumponian supporters about the danger their right wing thinking is to the developmental growth of our democracy.  

Donald Trump is a tyrant who isn't qualified to be the leader of the free world. Therefore, Republicans must "fight fire with fire", reduce their conservative intellect to his low level, to put his political conflagration out, like a wild fire, before it ignites the entire national forest.  

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