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Friday, March 18, 2016

Donald Trump is the unpalatable choice for ideological right wing voters

"...a lot of Republicans, including myself, who find him morally repulsive. And he’s just not — there are some things more important things than winning an election.." David Brooks on PBS.

Americans who support Donald Trump for president are reacting to right wing fear, stirred by unfounded insecurities. Yet, the paranoia is not sustainable. Americans simply can't support a president like Donald Trump, a man who builds his entire political campaign on fear, prejudice, bigotry, violence and name calling. Sooner or later, Trump's business empire will be negatively impacted by his extremism.
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Americans must tell Donald Trump, "You're Fired"!!
In giving Donald Trump "the chump" nearly unlimited free media time, the businessman turned self declared politician has claimed a lead in the Republican primary to become president of the United States. This is a horrible political situation, because many Republicans will, understandably, not support Donald Trump's candidacy! Governor Mitt Romeny has already declared he'll vote for Senator Ted Cruz- an unpalatable alternative, but preferable to Donald Trump's political runaway train. 

New York Times colunmist, David Brooks spoke candidly about the Republican's response to Trump, on the PBS News Hour, with Judy Woodruff.

DAVID BROOKS: Trump is looking like the (GOP) nominee. I mean, he had this great (primary) night. He — if he continues as he has been going right now — and my paper (The New York Times) reported — our Upshot department reported he will get the — what he needs. So he’s looking like he can get it.

There are two ways he cannot get it. One, maybe if Kasich drops out, there are some polls that show if Cruz is one on one, he could make some inroads into Trump. And then something behind the scenes or something — fiddling with the rules. I, of course, think they should do it.

But, one of the features of this year is that Donald Trump has a monopoly on audacity and he’s the only one who takes action. So, what’s interesting to me about the Republicans right now is, with the exception of Florida Governor Rick Scott and Chris Christie, they’re not flocking to Trump. They do not like the guy. They’re terrorized of the guy. They’re repulsed by the guy.

But they’re not flocking to him, but they’re not doing anything against him either. They’re just sitting there like a psychologically depleted party.

JUDY WOODRUFF: So, where does that leave — so that, Mark, he just marches on to Cleveland and the nomination.


What conservative philosopher and columnist George Will called the most gifted and diversified field of Republican candidates since 1865 is now down essentially to two, to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, the quintessential conservative who cannot be nominated and cannot win. And that’s where the Republicans are.

Donald Trump, let it be said in his behalf, has won this nomination. I mean, the people who are trying to take it away from him have won nothing. I mean, John Kasich has won one primary, half as many as Marco Rubio won, I think, contests.

So, I mean, you know, but he’s won, and he’s won everywhere. I mean, it’s been across the board. I mean, this is a — it’s been an open assault upon the establishment, and he has captured it.

So, I just think that, you know, Lindsey Graham, a man occasionally known for spreading the ugly truth, said it’s — a choice between Cruz and Trump is the choice between being poisoned and being shot. And I think that’s where sort of the paralysis that David…(David Broooks- And he chose poison.)

JUDY WOODRUFF: But if Trump has won it, then, David, is there any sign of Republican — I know you said he’s not getting the big endorsements, but is it that Republicans are not listening to the voters? What’s the disconnect here?


Well, first of all, in the big Tuesday states, 40 percent of voters in most of the states said, if Trump were the nominee, they’d consider a third party. And so that’s some serious disaffection. You do not see that. Usually, people are rallying around at this point.

And, secondly, there are a lot of Republicans, including myself, who find him morally repulsive. And he’s just not — there are some things more important things than winning an election. And supporting a guy who tears at the social fabric, who insults the office of the presidency by completely unprepared for it, who plays on bigotry and fear, who is the sort of demagogue our founders feared would upset the American experiment in self-government, well, that kind of guy, you just can’t support, even if it means a defeat.

And I think a lot of Republicans feel that way, which is why you get those 40 percent numbers of defectors.

Maine Writer called for the Republicans to form a third party, as soon as it was evident that Donald Trump was being taken seriously, as a presidential candidate.  

Although pundits continued to claim the Trump aberration would be temporary, I have seen this political "movie" in Maine, when Governor Paul LePage won his elections, in spite of being unlikeable, unpopular, not politically correct and oratorically challenged. If Maine's motto "Dirigo" is any "I lead" predictor, the chances of a Trump presidency are frighteningly surreal. I hope Maine would "Dirigo" a movement away from a Donald Trump election victory. Yet, unless Americans vote, the potential to have a Trump despot as the leader of the free world is beyond belief possible.  ]

Dear Americans, it isn't enough to be opposed to Donald Trump. 

Rather, American voters must vote against him and to support Hillary2016.

Vote Hillary2016, to avoid a Trump election victory in November.

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