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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Amerca needs a peace leader - make Trump Drumpf again

"A handful of protesters were pepper-sprayed and some were arrested... Protesters carried signs with messages such as #CrushTrump and shouted, "Hey, hey / ho, ho / Donald Trump has got to go".

Americans can't be bullied by stormtrooper politics. Nevertheless, the US news media is recording the chilling Trump imagry like World War II Naziism.  
Protesters clash with NYPD officers while they take part in a protest against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on March 19, 2016 in New York City.
Violence is now horribly routine at Donald Trump "stormtrooper" political rallies

As right wing Republicans begin to stir up specters of poliical muckkraking, the facts point to the Donald Trump domestic terrorists as being much more dangerous than any myth about the Democrats. In fact, if the 2016 presidential campaign were a political fiction thriller, I suspect the plot would be preceived as inplausible. Yet, as scary as it is, we're living in a potential political horror movie, and the plot is not fiction. Donald Trump is real and his stormtrooper followers are scary.

About thirty percent of the Maine Writer readers are international. To those who are reading afar and to Americans who need a political reality check about how to select a president, this blog is for you. America need a peace maker. Our presidential leader must be a person with politiccal skills, vision, patriotism and experience. In other words, America must reject Trumponian leadership because Donald Trump's regressive politics are destroying our confidence, demoralizing our "melting pot" population and degrading our morality with name calling and stereotyping rhetoric.

Especially frightful is the growing violence increasingtly evident at Donald Trump campaign rallies. In other words, Donald Trump is not calling back his stormtroppers because they are his overt threat to the Republican establishment, who want to deny him the Republican nomination.

CNN Reports on Donald Trump rallies:
Protesters block road outside Trump Arizona event, march in NYC-  By Eugene Scott, CNN

Dozens of protesters blocked traffic near a Donald Trump event in Arizona on Saturday, while demonstrators marched in New York City to protest the GOP front-runner.

The protesters in Arizona parked vehicles sideways on Shea Boulevard, blocking both lanes of traffic into Fountain Hills, Arizona, where Trump held a rally Saturday afternoon, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Deputy Joaquin Enriquez told CNN.

Enriquez described Shea Boulevard as the main artery into the area and the protesters' actions were causing motorists to drive into oncoming traffic as they tried to get around them. Traffic was backed up for miles due to the blockage.

"This is causing huge issues for us," Enriquez told CNN. He added, "We obviously have to get this road open."

Enriquez later told CNN that three protesters were arrested and two cars were towed from the boulevard. The deputy emphasized that the arrests were due to protesters blocking the roadway, not because of the protest itself.

Protests at Trump rallies increasingly have become more contentious in recent days. Friday night, protesters outside a Trump rally in Salt Lake City, Utah, tried to breach the venue's doors, causing police officers and Secret Service officers to abruptly shut them as Trump was speaking. 

And last week, scuffles between protesters and supporters in Chicago led Trump to cancel a rally there.

Trump on Saturday appeared with former Arizona Gov. Jan (the former governor) Brewer and Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who endorsed the GOP front-runner in January. Arpaio (a bigot) rose to conservative fame with his aggressive roundups of undocumented immigrants and attention-grabbing tactics like clothing inmates in pink underwear.  (We couldn't possibly make this stuff up for a fictional's too unbelievable, except it is true.)

Speaking to CNN's Fredricka Whitfield earlier in the day, Arpaio said authorities are "going to do everything we can to continue to have this rally," adding that authorities are "ready for any problems."

"We'll do everything possible to make sure we have free speech in this country. Donald Trump has a right to speak out and the people have a right to go in there and hear him speak," Arpaio said. "If certain groups don't like it, that's OK. They have freedom of speech, but they're not going to violate any laws. They're going to have to pay the consequences."

At the rally, Trump touched upon many of the themes that are familiar in his stump speeches -- including bringing jobs back to the U.S. from overseas, tariffs on products made in Mexico and criticism of President Barack Obama's foreign policy -- but particularly focused on illegal immigration, a major issue in Arizona.

"So much crime. Drugs pouring though the border. People are now seeing it. And you know what? We're going to build the wall and we're going to stop it. It's going to end," Trump said.

He added, "Unless you have a border, you don't have a country. Remember that."

Trump also criticized Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, his main GOP opponent, once again calling him "Lyin' Ted." And the GOP front-runner kept up his attacks on 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney -- who has led the charge to deny Trump the delegates he needs to win the nomination -- saying "he choked like a dog" in the last presidential cycle.

Speaking in Tucson later Saturday, dozens of protesters crowded outside the Tucson Convention Center, chanting, "No more hate" and "Trump the racist."

As he made his remarks, Trump was repeatedly interrupted by protesters, some of whom engaged in physical altercations with supporters. Behind Trump, a standoff between security and about two dozen demonstrators in the bleachers took place.

At one point, Trump turned around at the podium as he watched protesters escorted out of the venue.

"These are not good people folks," Trump said, adding, "They're not really protesters, they're agitators."

When the Tucson rally concluded, a public address announcement told supporters to exit via the back of arena due to the protests out front that were still ongoing. One night earlier in Salt Lake City, supporters had been given a similar directive due to crowds of protesters outside the arena.

While the protest in Fountain Hills was underway, crowds of demonstrators gathered in Manhattan to march from Columbus Circle near Central Park to Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

A small skirmish erupted when protesters started throwing water bottles at police, who were trying to keep them from impeding traffic. A handful of protesters were pepper-sprayed and some were arrested.

Protesters carried signs with messages such as #CrushTrump and shouted, "Hey, hey / ho, ho / Donald Trump has got to go".

The march was organized by groups that included immigrant-rights activists and the "Cosmopolitan Antifascists." A Facebook page for the group said it stands for "inclusion, diversity and human rights."

One protester, Malu Huacuja, who is Mexican, said she was protesting Trump's rhetoric on immigration.

"I am not a drug dealer," she said. "I am not a criminal. I am not a rapist ... Hatred is a very dangerous poison in the soul of humanity."

CNN's Linh Tran, Ray Sanchez, Keith Allen, Noah Gray and Sara Sidner contributed to this report.

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