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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Donald Trump brand must withdraw from GOP primary

This blog is calling for Donald Trump to withdraw from the presidential nomination, permanently- and never show his political head of hair again. Otherwise, his candidacy will continue to brand the Republican party as an extremist partisan group of storm trooper thugs, as well as negatively tarnsih Trumponian enterprises.

Surely, Donald Trump realizes how the degrading behavior of radicals who attend his rallies, coupled with the lack of a civilized response to the storm trooper violence, will eventually undermine his creditability and taint his business ventures.
Trump tower.jpg
Trump Tower in New York city is among the Trumponian enterprises

Cleveland (AFP) - A defiant Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail Saturday, after he called a demonstration a "planned attack" as a reason to shut down one of his rallies. As a result, the Republican is branded by the violence and the party faces scrutiny over the racially-charged tone of Trump's White House bid.

Perhaps the stress of a managing a political campaign has prevented Donald Trump from understanding the negative scope of his horrific leadership. Dear Americans, if Donald Trump manages his political campaign by allowing violence, consider how tyrannical his leadership would be if he were (God Forbid) elected.

Frankly, Donald trump must withdraw from the 2016 presidential campaign. Otherwise, the Trump business brand risks being tarnished by the growing violence and the collateral political damage causes the Republican party to implode.



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