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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Donald Trump and his stormtroopers

Donald Trump will do anything, regardless of the consequences, to capture media attention. Now, he is calling his violent supporters to create their own media events by not denouncing stormtrooper style, Nazi era, video images during his beer hall "rally" speeches.  

A propaganda photograph showing Hitler speaking to followers in the canteen of a Munich hostel for SA men. You may think that they look quite decent people. In reality the SA gained a reputation as a well-organised gang of violent thugs.
Storm troopers were the genesis of the brownshirts who supported Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler in pre-World War II Germany

Shame on Dr. Ben Carson, Governor Paul LePage, Governor Chris Christie, Senator Jefferson Sessions, Governor Jan Brewer and Governor Sarah Palin for supporting Donald Trump. They must come out against the violence at the Donald Trump violence rallies.

Obviously, the anger campaign stoked by Donald Trump is now risen to the level of a violence campaign against anyone who dares to challenge the hate messaging, infomercials, and terrible messaging by the candidate, who soaks up news media attention like quicksand consumes fauana.

Let's "make Trump Drumpf again" is growing in momentum. "Drumpf" is apparently the "Trump" name before it was changed, referring to the family's German ancestry.

Republicans are quickly being branded as "brown shirted Trumplicans". 

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