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Monday, January 18, 2016

Secretary Clinton shows world leadership at Democrat debate in Charleston SC

Democrats are justifiably impressed by the excellent trio of candidates running for the 2016, nomination to be president of the United States. Compared to the chaos in the Republican line up of free for all "right and righter-wing" candidates, the trio of Secretary Hillary Clinton, Governor Martin O'Malley and Senator Bernie Sanders look like a triumverate of judicial scholars.   Secretary Clinton demonstrated experience and leadership in the fourth Democratic debate on January 19th, in Charleston, SC.
Although the three Democratic candidates are well spoken, intelligent, progressive and experienced, the world class leadership of Secretary Hillary Clinton rises to the top of the triumverate.
In fact, at the debate, Senator Sanders of Vermont was expert at promoting his vision of how to resolve income inequality, wealth re-distribution and protection of the middle class safety net programs like Social Security and Medicare. In fact, the Vermont senator denounced a "corrupt" political system and cast himself as a break from it, while Hillary Clinton tied herself tightly with President Barack Obama
On the other hand, Governor O'Malley was eloquent when speaking about traditional liberal values and how he was successful as Maryland's governor.  

By a short read of her impressive resume, the former first lady of Arkansas, former First Lady of the Free World, former Senator of New York State and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is the best qualified of any of the presidential candidates to lead the free world. Her domestic and international leadership  experiences are exemplary. America is abolutely fortunate to have Mrs. Clinton running to be the first woman to be elected leader of the free world.

In my opinion, the following is the Q & A exchange that gave the January 18th Charleston SC debate to Secretary Clinton; and exemplified her international experience over the other two Democratic opponents, from The Washington Post- it's a short discourse, but to  the point and demonstrates extraordinary insight:

NBC Moderator Lester Holt asked about Mrs. Clinton's experience with Russia.

"As president, would you hand Vladimir Putin a reset button?"

CLINTON: Well, it would depend on what I got for it and I can tell you what we got in the first term, we got a new start treaty to reduce nuclear weapons between the United States and Russia. We got permission to resupply our troops in Afghanistan by traveling across Russia.

We got Russia to sign on to our sanctions against Iran and other very important commitments. So look, in diplomacy, you are always trying to see how you can figure out the interest of the other to see if there isn't some way you can advance your security and your values.

When Putin came back in the fall of 2011, it was very clear he came back with a mission. And I began speaking out as soon as that happened because there were some fraudulent elections held, and Russians poured out into the streets to demand their freedom, and he cracked down. And in fact, accused me of fomenting it. So we now know that he has a mixed record to say the least and we have to figure out how to deal with him.

HOLT follow up: What's your relationship with him (Putin)?

CLINTON: Well, my relationship with him, it's -- it's interesting.


It's one, I think, of respect. We've had some very tough dealings with one another. And I know that he's someone that you have to continuingly stand up to because, like many bullies, he is somebody who will take as much as he possibly can unless you do.

And we need to get the Europeans to be more willing to stand up, I was pleased they put sanctions on after Crimea and eastern Ukraine and the downing of the airliner, but we've got to be more united in preventing Putin from taking a more aggressive stance in Europe and the Middle East.

Maine Writer summary- Americans can't wait to train another leader of the free world.  Secretary Clinton has the experience to begin leading the free world on day one of her administration. America will benefit from seamless and experienced leadership by a well vetted world respected stateswoman.  

Americans must elect Hillary Clinton 2016 to be president. By the way, in the process of electing her, we must also rid our nation of right wing extremists, so to protect the Democratic progressive policies advocated for by Senator Bernie Sanders.  

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