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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Flint Michigan - Governor Snyder inability to govern


Can't imagine this! Unbelievable, but Flint Michigan people are still being sent water bills, in spite of having been exposed to lead poisoning from polluted water pipes. There's no anecdote for lead poisoning!  In fact, the Flint Water Company (whatever its name is) should be paying reparations to the victims of the lead poisoning.
Flint Michigan is evidence of how cost cutting to save on property taxes and reduce the expenses related to infrastructure mainetnance have dire consequences. As a result of Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder's action to appoint a municipal manager for Flint, Michigan, the cost cutting put in place by his appointee, via creating a cheaper water source for the city, caused irreversable damage to those exposed to lead pollution in corroded plumbing pipes, that were used to transport the water from the Flint River.  

In other words, all the children who drank the lead poisoned Flint River water in Michigan are now exposed to "lead poinsining" for which there are plenty of long term health consequences and no known anecdote.  

Rather than protect Flint Michigan from the growing lead poisoning problem, Repuublican Governor Snyder, isntead, called for a study of the issue. Even the Michigan Attorney General was just thinking about what to do. Moreover, it's being reported that Flint Michigan residents are receiving water shut off notices for not paying their bills, even when the source of the lead continues to poison the people!

Now, President Obama upstaged Governor Snyder's incompetence. President Obama declared the situation to be a disaster, in need of financial aid. Declaring the situation as elibible for federal disasster assistance also opens the door to reparations for lead poisoning victims. 

In the long run, Repbulican cost cutting is repsonsible for Flint's public health disaster. For some unknown reason, Republicans simply can't understand how cutting taxes leads to dire consequences. Of course, if the leaked lead in the Flint water supply could somehow be tied to homeland security, the issue would be a political disaster instead of a public health emergency. Rather than calling for a study of the issue, Govenror Snyder would be calling for a political uprising against the administraton for lack of dilignence against terrorism.  

Republcians are obviously incapable of governming. Sadly, the lead poisined residents of Flint Michigan will be the visual evidence of the Republican lack of compassion and the party's disregard for public safety, for the sake of saving on property taxes. In the long run, the people of Michigan will pay for this damage for many generations with both real money and their damaged public relations. Image result for Flint River Michigan
Flint River in Michigan

Pretty pictures of the Flint River will be upstaged by negativity. Instead, the scenic water way the river once was will be a decades long visual reminder about Govern Snyder's inability to govern.

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