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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Syrian refugees are not the source of terrorism

After the US was attacked by Al Qaeda on September 11, 2001, the response by President George Bush '43 was to launch a US invasion of Iraq, even though there was no evidence that any the attackers came from that nation.  

On the other hand, 15 of the 19 terrorists in the 9-11 attack on the New York City World Trade Center and Washington DC, with one airplane downed by brave passengers in Pennsylvania, were really Saudi. Most of the 9-11 evil doers had Saudi Arabian passports!

Now, Republicans are scapegoatig Syrian refugees in Europe as a result of the November 13th attacks on Paris by ISIS terrorists. Republicans are branding all of the desperate refugees as potential terrorists when not one of perpetrators of the November 13th Paris attacks was Syrian! Republicans are acting irresponsibly by moving to block the entry of all Syrian refugees into the US unless they pass extraordinary screening, above what's already required.
Legal immigration is a daunting process it's amazing anyone tries to apply!
What Part of Legal Immigration Don't You Understand?
Scapegoating Syrians because ISIS is threatening more terrorist attacks is totally wrong.  Blocking all Syrian refugees or selectively allowing only Christians at the exclusion of others is just plain stupid.  First of all, there's no way of knowing who's a Christian or Muslim if refugees choose to lie about their religion. Moreover, what about Jewish refugees?  

ISIS convinces it's crazy followers that the western civilizations (especially the US) are at war with Islam. It's ISIS that's waging war. For no rational reason, the evil Isis decided civilization must be redisgned into a radical jihadists design (whatever that means).

Blocking all refugees from Syria, except for Christians or based on their religion, feeds into the ISIS propaganda used to recruit followers for their barbaric purposes.. 

Even worse, the Republican wrong minded exclusionary immigration thinking will cause rethinking the entire policy after ISIS is defeated. Civil liberties groups will justifiably seek reparations by challenging this reactionary movement.  

Americans must learn to fight terrorism where it exists. 

We must stop creating enemies where there are none and scapegoating desperate people who have no ties to terrorism!

Republicans must stop creating fear and begin to provide progressive leadership with vision and hope to improve our nation's economic future.  

Creating evil monsters from innocent windmills, where there are no known threats, is a terrible way to lead the free world and the United States of America.  

It's already difficult to become an American citizen. Unfortunately, Republicans, obviously, want to keep it that way. But this wrong minded Republican immigration thinking cannot be justified.

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