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Saturday, November 14, 2015

French open doors in response to evil terrorist attack

The French have a resilience to adversity. This resiliency has been inbred in the French for centuries because the nation has been the fulcrum in several European strifes, including World Wars I and II.

In the midst of the fear and turmoil immediately following the November 13, evil terrorist attacks on Paris, many French responded by opening their homes to those who've been stranded as a result of this series of attacks or needed refuge, if they're fearful of being victimized by the perpetrators. 

It's entirely possible the terrorists have other nefarious plans to follow up on their November 13 attacks on Paris.

In The Christian Science Monitor (CSM), in the face of mass tragedy, the French summoned the spirit of community. Coordinated attacks at six sites killed at least 129 people on November 13, putting Paris under siege. Parisians quickly moved to help each other, opening their homes and businesses as shelter.

As the French take stock of a rampage that marked France's most violent night since World War II – with simultaneous suicide bombings and shootings across six sites, including a concert hall, a soccer stadium, a popular restaurant, and a street full of bars and cafes that was packed on a mild November evening – they're vowing to stand together, expressing a communal strength that was on display from the moment the coordinated attacks began, reports CSM, Sara Miller Llana.
#PorteOuverte is the French resilience to fear
Parisians turned to social media to help and be helped. #PorteOuverte, or "Door Open," quickly trended on Twitter in messages like this, from Florian Duretz, who tweeted, “Send me a message for a safe place in Canal Saint Martin, Please be safe.” His message was retweeted 406 times.

French resilience against tryanny, war and terrorism is historic.
Evil terrorists like ISIS cannot achieve their barbaric goals of taking apart civilization as we know it, when the victims respond by building a humanitarian response. Perpetrating evil cannot compete with the unifying impact of a nation that's determined to overcome terrorism. By building community, through #PorteOuverte the French are creating unity and resolve. 

This network of resilience will counter the intentions of the terrorists. Unfortunately, however, the #PorteOuverte will not eliminate the potential for future evil terrorist attacks.

To prevent future terrorist attacks, the world must follow the French resolve to destroy terrorism. We're a world at war with terrorism, with the evil extremism of radican jihadists who created a self declared caliphate for the purpose of killing people, degrading women and creating a midievil world order.

It's going to take more than #PorteOuverte to defeat evil ISIS but the open door movement is certainly an inspiring response to fear.

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