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Sunday, November 15, 2015

World cannot make Syrian refugees scapegoats

"Returning militants from Syria are a worrying potential source of terror attacks."

The world is in constant mourning for the victims of terrorism. France has now experienced two deadly incidents during this year.
Unfortunately, one of the dead terrorists killed among the innocent victims of the November 13 attacks on Parisians (including at least one American student, a beautiful 23 year old California girl named Nohemi Gonzalez) was a man with a Syrian passport.  
French tribute from Canadians at French Consulate in Montreal Canada
French President Francois Hollande blames ISIS for the attack, and the terror group has claimed responsibility, but so far it's not clear where all of the attackers were from. According to French prosecutors, one of the attackers who has been identified is a French national known to police, and a Syrian passport was found on one of the bodies of the other attackers.

Hopefully, the Europeans will not consider this aberrant passport on a dead terrorist as a harbinger of the intentions of other Syrians who may be desperate refugees. It seems to me, giving Syrians who claim to be refugees a new status passport might resolve any future confusion but implementing such a policy is obviously complicated.  Nevertheless, Europeans must find a way to identify the refugees without leaping to hostile conclusions.  

Until now, French citizen Mehdi Nemmouche is the only case of a Western fighter in Syria accused of returning to conduct a deadly terror attack -- the May 24, 2014, shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium, that left four people dead. Nemmouche had served time in a French prison, and he had an assault rifle when he was arrested in France. 

A French journalist held by ISIS reportedly identified Nemmouche as one of the group's alleged torturers. Nemmouche was extradited to Belgium, where he awaits trial.

Returning militants from Syria are a worrying potential source of terror attacks. And two major factors place Europe at far greater risk of "returnee" violence from veterans of the Syrian conflict than is the case in the United States: the much larger number of European militants who have gone to fight in Syria and the existence of more developed jihadist networks in Europe.

France has supplied more fighters to the Syrian conflict than any other Western country. In September, Prime Minister Manuel Valls told Parliament that 1,800 French citizens have been involved in jihadist networks worldwide -- almost all of whom were drawn to the Syrian war. Nine months earlier, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve estimated that 185 militants had returned to France from Syria. Of those who had returned, he said 82 were in jail and 36 were under other forms of judicial control.

Obviously, Europeans are on high alert. They are understandably diligennt as a result of the millions of refugees flooding into the continent from Syria and other nations (like Pakistan) while, at the same time, trying to maintain security against terrorism. 

Unbelievably, no one is going after the source of this chaos.  

It seems to me, Syria's President Assad is the one man responsible for this international carnage while Russia's President Dictator Vladimir Putin is supporting this perpetrator of Syria's humanitarian tragedy. Nevertheless, the Syrians are leaving the country by the tens of thousands while their country is being ransacked, yet President Assad continues to live under strict security.  There's definitely an imbalance in this outrageous ratio.  One man lives while tens of thousands suffer irreparable harm.  Now, as a result of one terrorist being found with a suspected Syrian passport in Paris, the refugees are now at risk for being scapegoated for being among those who are driven to do evil to more European people.  

Although there's no way of reversing this human tragedy, it seems like one man is the root cause of the fear now infecting Europe as the refugees continue to wash up on European shores.  

But, refugees are desperate people. They are incapable of organizing terrorist attacks and none of them are crossing the Mediteranian with AKA 47 attack weapons.

Therefore, the world cannot put even more stress on Syrian refugees by even suggesting any of them might be terrorists. 
In fact, terrorism is the result of an evil movement among some extremist groups who are  consumed by hate.  Terrorists are being attracted to the nefarious causes they inflict on others by violent means because they're brainwashed into believing evil is somehow justified to achieve their barbaric intentions.

Let's not create enemies of Syrian refugees, because one dead terrorist may have had a Syrian passport.  

Instead, let's make good citizens of the Syrian refugees and ask them to help the world to eventually be rid of President Assad and destroy terrorism to protect the civilized world.

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