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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

ISIS will destroy the radical Islam the evil group exploits

During the Middle Ages beginning in the 11th Century, the Crusades were a fruitless European led series of attackes against Islam. The failed campaigns took thousands of lives but accomplished nothing. Now, in th 21st Century, the irony is that the evil Islamic State (ISIS) or self declared Caliphate is likely doing to Islam what the Crusades failed to do. This evil terrorist ISIS movement will eventually dismantle Islam, because after the terrorist group's nefarious strategists are destroyed, it's unlikley many people will be left to care about protecting what's left of Islam.

The crusades were a series of religious wars between European Christians and Muslims.
The Crusades were military campaigns conducted in the Middle Ages. In 1095 Byzantine Emperor Alexios I, in Constantinople, sent an ambassador to Pope Urban II in Italy pleading for military help against the growing Turkish (Muslim)  threat. The Pope responded promptly by calling Catholic soldiers to join the First Crusade. The immediate goal was to guarantee pilgrims access to the holy sites in the Holy Land under Muslim control. His long-range goal was to reunite the Eastern and Western branches of Christendom aftertheir split in 1054 with the pope as head of the united Church. A complex 200-year struggle ensued.

Roman Catholics from many different classes and nations of Western Europe became crusaders. Nevertheless, the campaigns were useless and eventually the Catholic response to the Crusades was defeated.

Now, the evil ISIS terrorist group, or the evil Islamic State, a self declared Califphate, is raising widespread barbaric fear among the general population. Indeed, sheer fear of the terrorist group might cause many Islamic faithful to consider ways to assimilate into Western cutlures and to disassociate from the radical ISIS. 

Although there's no evidence about whether or not Islamic cultural assimilation is happening, it's plainly common sense to believe the process of becoming "European"  is strong among Muslims who don't want to risk being returned to their destroyed homelands in the Middle East or wrongly prosecuted for being terrorists.

Evil ISIS attacks against the civilized world will cause reasonable Islamists to disassociate from the group's radical and destructive ideology.  

It's premature to speculate about the potential for an Islamic backlash to evil ISIS. Nevetheless, the human condition being what it is, to aspire for enlightenment, will revolt against radical Islam Eventually, the Islmaic (Muslim) people will assimilate into the prevailing civilized culture, where ever the refugees and survivors of this current carnage wind up, after fleeing the chaos.  

It's premature and perhaps fanciful thinking, but in a universe where everything is possible, the current evil of ISIS terrorism might well accomplish what the failed Crusades could never do.  

In other words, the backlash to ISIS might destroy centuris of Muslim culture and redefins the Middle East as a new nation.  

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