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Saturday, November 14, 2015

ISIS is like invasive cancer cells - a systematic world response is required

Just at the time when President Obama and CNN writer Peter Bergen were trying to spread some solace about how ISIS was being "contained", the November 13th attack on innocent Parisians blew the concept of success into smithereens.  This morning, the Paris death toll is reported at 127 innocent civilians and at least 8 terrorists are dead.  Obviously, the reports of successes against ISIS were wrong.  In fact, nothing is working to prevent evil ISIS from spreading terrorism like malignant cancer cells, outside of the Middle East with the potential to infect anyplance in the world.

The civilized world must unite behind France and protect civilization as we know it

Young evil men who reportedly had granades and AKA 47 assault rifles, while wearing suicide vests, created an agonizing series of terror attacks during coordinated attacks. From reports at the secnes, they knew what they were doing during their assault.

It's impossible to understand how this widespread attack was coordinated against Parisian innocents without the terrorists betraying their barbaric intentions. Certainly, there had been several ominous warnings when several past incidents were apparently thwarted; so it seems obvious that Parisian security authorities were on alert for security threats. Yet, recent news of some triumphs in Syria against ISIS seemed to create the illusion of the group somehow being on the ropes. Tragically, the intention of ISIS is to create high profile carnage and being in Syria wasn't getting them much attention. Now, the cancer this diabolic group is causing is spreading beyond Syria. There's a potential for "metastatic" terrorism and "copy cat" combat training attacks, to erupt anyplace in the world. 

What are Americans to do now?  Our international friend and allies in France have been assaulted.  We must respond for two important reasons: (a) ISIS must be stopped because the world has no alternative but to destroy this movement and (b) like any infectious disease, the spread of ISIS will eventaully cause mahem throughout the civilized world. 

As Senator Diane Feinstein said on several news reports, "we're either going to fight them there or fight them here".

Leadership against ISIS can no longer be political. Destroying ISIS can't be accomplished like the line up of Republican presidential candidates suggest, by creating hot air rhetoric, but without a plan. 

Destroying ISIS will involve a coordinated world wide strategy with inspired leadership.  

Paris has experienced an assault on its people and its culture. As citizens of the civilized world, it is essential for Americans to lead and unite behind a strategy to eliminate ISIS and all terrorism from the world.  Otherwise, the ISIS cancer will continue to spread and tragically consume civilization as we know it.

Meanwhile, Bergen on CNN reported:

(CNN)In a speech in 1942, Winston Churchill said that a recent British victory against the Nazis in North Africa was "not even the beginning of the end, but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

Might the coalition arrayed against ISIS also be at the end of the beginning of the campaign that eventually will destroy the organization?

Over the past 24 hours the coalition has scored two important tactical victories. The first is the reports of the assassination of "Jihadi John" the notorious British terrorist, who starred in many of ISIS' beheading videos. U.S. officials now say they are "reasonably certain" that he was killed in a drone strike. An investigation by the Washington Post found that he was Mohammed Emwazi, Kuwait-born and London-raised.

The second tactical victory against ISIS had a greater impact. It was the seizure of the town of Sinjar in Iraq by Kurdish forces. Sinjar sits along the road that connects Raqqa with ISIS' de facto capital in Iraq, the city of Mosul. The seizure of Sinjar helped to put pressure on ISIS in both Mosul and Raqqa, as ISIS forces in these cities can no longer easily reinforce each other.

Yet, while these two successes were newsworthy, another cell within the ISIS group  had gone "dark", aka "underground" to create the November 13th Paris assault.  

Like cancer, ISIS has learned to develop the ability to hide within plain site so the overriding immune system cannot recognize it while doing its systematic damage.  

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