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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Clinton economics and Republican lies

Surreal GOP Debate Gets Surrealist Grades
When the candidates are spouting nonsense and drawing facts out of thin air, what’s a pundit (blogger) to do?  (Thank you The Daily Beast Ana Marie Cox for this lead!)

And Mike Barnacle writes in the The Daily Beast about how Ben Carson, a marginally successful neurosurgeon, gives a new meaning to "crazy".  He believes the Egyptian pyramids were built to store grain????? (Among other outrageous opinions....)

In fact, the Wall Street Journal sponsored debate on November 10th, in Michigan, gave Republicans the opportunity to layer on even more horrific myths about our nation's economy.  

Moreover, none of them presented any viable plan for improving the living standards of America's middle class. American families are working multiple jobs and supporting multi-generational households on shoe string budgets.  Nevertheless, Republicans want to cut Social Security, eliminate Medicare, dismantle the minimum wage, take away social safety nets like Medicaid, all the while supporting increasing defense spending, while cutting taxes?  This kind of thinking is sheer lunacy because the GOP "grab bag" of economic plans are taking from the poor to give to the rich. 

In fact, defense spending is the nation's biggest welfare entitlement! Defense spending continues to get bigger while corporations get wealthier in the process of gleaning tax payer money to pay for undeclared wars.

During the administration of President William Jefferson Clinton, the American economy thrived while he balanced the budget.

It's incredulous that Republicans continue to create political lies while a huge percentage of the American voters are buying the myths! These voters are falling for Republican lies like Ben Carson sells snake oil for Mannatech!

Meanwhile, CNN reported on November 11th how all but one in the GOP line up of candidates has a chance of defeating Secretary Hillary Clinton in a presidential election next year!  Only Donald Trump was unable to defeat Mrs. Clinton, yet "The Donald" or as I like to call him, "Trump the Chump", is the Republican candidate who leads in the party's national polls.  This makes no sense at all.

Of course, that's precisely what the pundits and bloggers are saying.
This presidential campaign 2016 makes the Republicans look like a bunch of lunatics, but they're gaining momentum by sheer critical mass. There are just too many in the GOP line up, but the numbers are echoing such lies that the cacophony appears to be attracting right wing attention like moths drawn to flames.  Unfortunately, many in the electorate seem to be listening while the messaging has the potential to destroy the humanitarian values our nation was built upon and undermine truth in the process.

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