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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Retired General Petraeus created egregious mistake

General David Petraeus somehow received a supportive Congressional hearing today, because he apologized for giving confidential information to his mistress. Yet, what Petraeus did was egregious and any other military person would've been court martialed for giving classified information to mistress, Paula Broadwell.

Paula Broadwell accessed confidential information for personal gain

There's certainly duplicity in how General Petraeus was received, compared to how Congress is responding to Secretary Hillary Clinton's yawning and daunting email issues.  

How is it General Petreaus is getting a pass on his behavior, while Mrs. Clinton continues to be put on the defensive, when she didn't do anything wrong?

Mrs. Hillary Clinton kept a secure email account separate from her official State Department server. Her two emails caused a ridiculous brouhaha because she happened to communicate using both accounts. So what? In the Petraeus transgression, the relationship involved the transfer of confidential information in a compromising way, whereby the recipient intended to use the opportunity to sell her book. There's obviously a big difference between Mrs. Clinton's benign email servers and how General Petraeus gave his mistress information to be used for her personal gain. Surely the General knew how Paula Broadwell, his mistress, was intending to sell her story.  

Moreover, if Petraeus became too involved with Broadwell, beyond the book, there was also a high risk of the liaison story being published post the biography she was reporting. 

Frankly, it's distasteful, to say the least, to write about Mrs. Clinton's email non-news alongside a salacious story about the General and his mistress. Nevertheless, the General received a pass from Congress on his clearly wrong minded and immoral behavior. Yet, at the same time, Mrs. Clinton is held to a higher standard for a much less offensive communication exchange. This comparisom must be made, because the duplicity is clearly unacceptable.

General Petraeus made an egregious mistake.  

Mrs. Clinton, in contrast, served our nation heroically as the First Lady of Arkansas, as First Lady of the United State, as a US Senator and as Secretary of State. She's qualified by education and experience to be the leader of the free world.  Having two email servers is certainly no reason to prevent Mrs. Clinton from become president of the United States.



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