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Friday, August 21, 2015

Hillary Clinton campaign education 101

Mrs. Clinton is brilliant but she needs a lifeline right now.  

A biography of Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton is among the talented list of notables in the National Women's History Museum.

Obviously, Mrs. Clinton qualifies to be on this prestigious list. 

She's the First Lady of the World in recognition of her humanitarian work and foreign policy leadership as Secretary of Sate, for being a wonderful US Senator from New York and, most notably, for being the First Lady  of the United States with her husband President Clinton.  

Nevertheless, Mrs. Clinton, somehow, lost the political advisers she has needed to listen to when it comes to her campaign to become the first qualified (by education and experience) woman president of the United States and Leader of the Free World.

Naturally, I'm not a political adviser; but using some common sense strategies, I put forth these three ideas the help Mrs. Clinton with her current communications challenges. 

Unfortunately, she's facing relentless Republican witch  hunting about her email server. Moreover, her political enemies continue to sweep up about the Benghazi, Libya attack, where Ambassador Stevens was murdered on September 11, 2012, along with members of his security team.  

Therefore, here are my three Campaign Education 101 syllabus bullets:

1.  It's the Economy stupid!  As often as the Republicans bring out their attack dogs, it's up to the Clinton team to respond with reminders of how electrified the economy was during her husband's presidential administration. "It's the economy stupid" "rose all ships", so to speak, when high economic tides even transcended her husband's plight with planted scandals including accusing them of murdering their colleage Vince Foster, who committed suicide.  Remember, "it's the economy stupid" montra.

2.  Go to church. In fact, go to any church.  Try the Washington National Cathedral.  President Clinton often attended church even during the peak of his scandals. We haven't seen Mrs. Clinton in church for a long time (the sad funeral Mass for Vice President Biden's son, Beau Biden, notwithstanding - but that looked to be more political than spiritual).

3.  Visit the graves at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia, and specifically pay respects to the headstones of people who died in the Iraq War - remind Americans by example of how costly  the Iraq Wars and the failed Operation Iraqi Freedom were to our nation's young warriors and it's not over yet. In fact, it may be her war to end and she's the only candidate running for president who is qualified by education and experience to end the relentless failure of the Iraq Wars.

Only one candidate running for president is qualified to be the Leader of the Free World. By her exceptional leadership, training, education and experience, that one candidate is Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, in spite of her enormous popularity, international name recognition and personal talents with politics, Mrs. Clinton is unable to resolve the communications frenzy surrounding her email server.  

It's my uninformed opinion that the messages on her email server contained the kind of information news media relishes in putting on their front pages to grab readers. It was low level stuff.  Yet, the fact is, she's unable to change the conversation. 

Hopefully, somebody in Mrs. Clinton's team of advisers will take seriously the advice of one nurse in Maine, who thinks she can do no harm by looking at the three campaign education 101 bullets I've put forth in this blog.  Good luck.

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