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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Three experts explain intelligent support for the Iran agreement

Americans hire the best international foriegn policy experts in the world. Therefore, it makes excellent good sense to support their informed decisions, especially on the Iran agreement.

Today, at the University of Southern Maine in Portland, Maine, Senator Angus King with Senator George Mitchell and Ambassador Nicholas Burns spoke to hundreds of attendees about the Iran nuclear agreement.

Here are my "take aways":

1. Senator George Mitchell is an expert negotiator. He supports the Iran agreement. He emphasized how the world is highly supportive of the agreement, as well. Although people will inevitably be  the victims of this and other international agreements, he strongly believes that the Iran agreement is focused on how the future for peace in the world will be impacted.

2.  Senator Angus King is among the Senators in the US Congress who actually read the Iran agreement.  In reading the entire agreement, Senator King will support the President and oppose the Senate motion to "not support".

3.  Ambassador Nicholas Burns said he wants to see Americans elect a sophisticated leader, somehone who will support America's foreign policy leadership.

Maine Writer's opinion: Although I have no experience in foreign policy, outside of having lived in the Philippines for three years, it makes sense for me to believe in our leading experts. Secretary John Kerry is a world class foreign policy expert. 

Our nation pays Kerry to represent the US and to negotiate in our best interest. Therefore, let's support him.

I trust Kerry's judgement and his extraordinary patriotism. Secretary Kerry wants to affirm American leadership in the free world. Obviously, Kerry protected our national interest when he negotiated the Iran agreement. Americans, likewise, must show pride in his international foreign policy expertise.  

We must support the Iran treaty by calling our Congress to request for them to vote in favor of the agreement and to oppose motions against accepting the treaty.

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