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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Who O Why O does Governor Kasich want to leave Ohio?

Songstress Doris Day sang it beautifully.

It makes no sense for Governor John Kasich to want to be President of the United States. He entered the 2016 race too late and his message is too boring.  Nevertheless, it makes a lot of sense for  the Ohio governor to be a formidable Vice Presidential candidate. Therefore, I submit, its Kasich's intention to do just that. Let's hear it for John Kasich for Vice President! Why O Why O - not?  

Being second seems to be the best any of the clown car Republican candidates can do if Donald Trump the Chump continues his showmanship lead. Ohio's Governor Kasich is just as qualified as most of the others, too many to be named, who are competing for the Republican presidential nomination.

Interesting, Governor Kasich is among the best qualified of the Republicans who've announced their 2016 ambitions to occupy the White House. Unfortunately, Kasich hasn't shown much ambition by coming out so late after the growing number of his colleagues have already announced. 

Surely, Republicans understand the value of media sound bites. There's not enough air time available in any news cycle to include the daily reports for 17 Republican candidates

Likewise, there's hardly enough money in media outlets' payroll accounts to pay the costs of news coverage for so many politically ambitious people.

What would motivate Governor Kasich to want to leave Ohio for the presidential arena?  It beats me.

Who in their right mind would want to run as a Vice Presidential candidate with leading candidate Donald Trump the Chump?

Why-O-Why-O Kasich? Sounds like a Ouiji Board question to me.



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