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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jeb! Totally wrong about his brother's failed Operation Irqai Freedom

Jeb!- Bushy-boy blames Hillary Clinton and Obama for Iraq’s Decline.  Jeb! is flatly telling lies when he claimed the Clinton and the Bush administrations caused the rise of "evil-ISIS", the fundamentalist radical Muslim terrorist group, now reigning carnage in Syria and Iraq.  
In fact, it was Jeb!'s brother George Bush (president #43) who formed the matrix whereby ISIS grew like germs in a culture dish. Bush launched Operation Iraqi Freedom, but the war failed to bring peace to the nation after the fall of Saddam Hussein. 

As a result, the American presence in Iraq grew to defend the invasion. As a result, the situation caused religious panic among radical Muslims, who feared the impact of western influence in their medieval culture.

Sadly, nothing has changed in Iraq since the George Bush #43 led invasion in the failed Operation Iraqi Freedom. In fact, the henious market place suicide bombings are recurring with ferocity.

Iraqi capital sees fresh round of deadly bombings

Sadr City Iraq market bombing

At least 20 people have been killed and many others injured in a spate of bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and two nearby towns. The most deadly was caused by a car bomb in the mainly Shia Sadr City area.

The same district was hit by a massive truck bomb two days ago that killed more than 60 people and was claimed by Islamic State militants.

Sadr City has been the target of several bomb attacks this year claimed by (evil ISIS)- IS who consider Shia to be heretics.

Saturday's attack targeted a vehicle market in the Habibiya area of Sadr City which had been targeted multiple times in the past, AP news agency said.

Fifteen people were killed and a further 35 injured, officials said.

A police officer told the agency that CCTV "showed a man parking a white car and sneaking into a nearby tea kiosk. Five minutes later the car exploded."

No group has admitted the bombing so far.

Other attacks took place in the town of Madain, just south of Baghdad, and Taji to the north, as well as in two suburbs of the capital.

In recent months, dozens of people have been killed in bombings across Baghdad. In May and July, large car bombs exploded outside two prominent hotels.

Earlier in the week, a top American general said the US should consider embedding American troops with Iraqi forces if progress was not made in the fight against IS.

Raymond Odierno, the army's outgoing chief of staff, told reporters that such forces would have a support rather than a combat role.

SIMI VALLEY, Calif.The war in Iraq, which dominated American presidential politics in 2004 and 2008, has returned as an issue in 2016. This time, the argument is not over whether the United States should have gone to war, but rather how the Obama administration sought to end it.

Jeb! cannot blame anyone about the demise of the Iraqi nation. He only needs to look at his family for the source of the carnage, which occurred after Jeb!'s brother launched the failed Operation Iraqi Freedom.  

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