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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Donald Trump's promises - recreating a chicken in every pot?

So, there's a fairy tale world promised by Donald Trump, a political candiate with all the right messages but no issues answers. 

It seems like "Trump the Chump" can whine all he wants, with some legitimacy, about not getting good questions from the Fox News circus debate moderators on August 5th, especially from self proclaimed "super-duper" journalist Megyn Kelly. Nevertheless, Trump's strategy was like the promise of the proverbial "chicken in every pot", without any specifics about how to create a recipe for successful presidential leadership.

But, this messaging was tried and failed by President Herbert Hoover. Of course that was a long time ago, so perhaps history needs to give the Trumpism a reality check. Here's the scoop.  Donald Trump cannot be the leader of the free world by throwing around his Trumpisms and promising everybody, everything they want to hear. Sooner or later, his non -answers to difficult issues are bound to catch up with him.

Herbert Hoover's presidential campaign slogan in 1928-29:  
"A chicken in every pot a car in every garage".

At the time, this Hoover slogan became a metaphor for broken campaign promises because Hoover's lack of effective monetary policies led to the Great Depression.

So, now Mexico is saying, "Hello? Nobody asked us about paying for a Trump wall to keep illegal immigrants inside Mexico and out of the US!"  Well, Trump just lost about half of his "chicken in every pot" campaign promises. As a matter of fact, Mexico won't pay for a wall, like Trump has promised they would, if he's elected.

The Hill reports: August 13, 2015, 10:35 am
Mexico won't pay for Trump's border wall

The Mexican government says it won't help pay for a wall along its border with the U.S., a proposal pushed by Republican front-runner Donald Trump.  "Of course it's false," Eduardo Sánchez, a spokesman for Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, told Bloomberg for a story published late Wednesday.  (cluck-cluck!)

"It reflects an enormous ignorance for what Mexico represents, and also the irresponsibility of the candidate who's saying it," Sanchez added, referring to Trump.  In fact, t

he billionaire businessman has advocated building a wall to stem illegal immigration, proclaiming this for months like a Wizard of Oz, and vowed that Mexico would pay for it.  In a Tuesday interview on Fox News, he said that Mexico will "probably just give us the money" to build it.

"They say you can't do it," Trump told host Sean Hannity, referring to pundits and politicians.

"I'll be friends with Mexico. I'm going to have a great relationship with Mexico," Trump said. "It's 100 percent they're going to pay. And if they don't pay, we'll charge them a little tariff. It'll be paid.

"But we need the wall. We have to stop these killers from coming in," Trump added.  He added that the Mexican government is not taking Trump's statements seriously.

The celebrity real estate magnate has claimed illegal immigrants are bringing drugs and crime across the border.  The Mexican president's spokesman threw cold water on Trump's remarks.

"Mexicans in the U.S. work with passion, they do their jobs well," Sanchez told Bloomberg. "His comments reflect an enormous lack of knowledge of the reality in the U.S."

It seems to me, if Trump the Chump really receives the "stupid party" (thank you Governor Jindal-Jandel) nomination, the result will be to see Mexicans flooding to their voting registration places with community organizers showing them the way.

There's virtually no way Trump the Chump can deliver on his litany of promises. He simply can't end illegal immigration, while he provides for fair trade and jobs with the Chinese (who he even uses in deals with his many companies), plus everything else he happens to think about, when he's thinking tangentially. 

Trump's claim to the popularity polls, where he's soaring above his GOP presidential rivals, are the result of two synergistic realities.  First, unfortunately, there's lackluster Republican communications among the circus tent of GOP presidential competitors. Second, Trump's celebrity status, as the star of a reality TV show, makes him a lightening rod for everything that happens to flow out of his mouth.

Somewhere, in the Republican circus tent of over a dozen and a half presidential competitors, there surely must be somebody who can challenge Trump the Chump and provide leadership to this clown car group of wanna-bees. Incredulously, not one of them has shown they can be the leader of the free world, because if they can't challenge Donald Trump the ,then it's impossible for any of them to be President of the United States.

America doesn't want another "chicken in every pot" president. Rather, we deserve an experienced world leader like Hillary2016.

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