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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Do we have a duty to die? Physician Assisted Suicide has no outcomes data

It makes no sense to me why people fall victim to physician assisted suicide at the end of life. There's's virtually no proof about how this method of ending life has any quality data about outcomes. In other words, has anybody who used physician assisted suicide to die ever returned to say it was a good idea, or not? 

Nevertheless, we know how hospice and palliative care creates quality of life to the end of life.

Therefore, it's tragic to see how the physician assisted suicide movement is taking top of the news headlines, when there's so much hope for life offered by palliative care and hospice.

People who fall victim to the promise of physician assisted suicide have given up on the hope provided by those who offer quality of life to the end of life from the compassionate care provided by palliative care and hospice.

Just consider this.  Twenty-five years ago, a terminal illness was considered to be cancer and acquired immune deficiency  syndrome (AIDS).  Now, of course, people are living for decades beyond these diagnoses.  

So, what is terminal illness, anyway?  We don't know and neither do you who are reading this blog. Therefore, don't risk physician assisted suicide when palliative care and hospice are the compassionate option to the finality to death by suicide.

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