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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Conservative Chief Justice Roberts has obviously read the Affordable Care Act - ACA

Congress supported the Affordable Care Act (ACA), when it passed, because it provided support for all Americans who wanted to afford to buy access to health insurance.  

Now, with the passing of the ACA law by Congress in 2010, and after two Supreme Court rulings upholding its Constitutionality, there's simply nothing left to fight about.  

Dear Justice Antonin Scalia (he's the Court's acrimonious dissenter) need to read the Affordable Care Act as though you don't have any insurance coverage.  

Republicans are acting furious because of today's Supreme Court ruling. In fact, the Justice Roberts court continued to uphold the ACA, in their June 24 ruling to protect the insurance subsidies. Nevertheless, Republicans haven't provided any alternative to cover the cost of providing health care. 

Instead, Republicans have favored insurance companies' profits over affordability of coverage.  

In the absence of an alternative insurance plan, the Affordable Care Act is now the law of the land. Republicans who oppose the ACA must find another incendiary issue to rally their right wing zealots who harbor a wrong minded mistrust of government (without cause).  "After 50 (IMO wasteful!) votes in Congress to repeal this law....." and two Supreme Court rulings, the law is here to stay.

Those on the loosing side of this argument before the Supreme Court, who were the opponents of the ACA, have yet to put forward an alternative plan.  It makes no sense for Representative John Boehner to tell Americans that the Affordable Care Act is broken, while he never offers an alternative.

It's difficult to understand how Republicans can criticize the Affordable Care Act without providing any alternative. Likewise, it's idiotic for Republicans to complain about the subsidies offered to those who want to pay for health insurance when the entire concept is based on free market insurance coverage to pay for the benefits.

Thankfully, Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts really read the Affordable Care Act. He demonstrated an understanding about the important intent of the law....which means Americans can continue to access affordable health care insurance.

Let's stop wasting American tax money to unsuccessfully undermine a law that's clearly benefiting many millions of people.

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