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Friday, July 03, 2015

Ted Cruz needs American citizenship training

It's the epitomy of ignorance, but Texas Senator Ted Cruz wants to amend the US Constitution to require the Supreme Court to be elected, rather than appointed.  The US Constitution created three branches of government, with the Supreme Court being equal to the President (Executive) and the Congress.

The US Constitution included the laws to establish a United States Supreme Court

Americans who fall for the Ted Cruz Supreme Court ruse should be exported, faster than any undocumented immigrants called for by his radical followers  Here are the facts.  Americans are seldom enamored by US Supreme Court rulings. Nevertheless, the court rules when the political system breaks down. In other words, like them or not, the Supreme Court justices make decisions and move public policy forward, while the Congress, and the President are stagnant and locked in gridlock. Supreme Court justices are appointed for life, meaning their decisions are supposed to be exempt from political persuasion. Obviously, Supreme Court justices are selected for approval by the political system of influence at the time they are appointed. In other words, Democrat presidents are inclined to select liberal justices while the Republican executive officers are likely to appoint conservatives. During their lifetime appointments, the balance of the 9 court justices, somehow, manage to rise above politics, at least most of the time.  

For Ted Cruz to ignorantly recommend a Constitutional amendment to require Supreme Court justices to be elected is ludicrous.  

Cruz is probably calling for another Constitutional Convention, or a follow up to the 18th century meetings of the founding fathers to rewrite the tenets of our nation. This would be a huge waste of tax payer money. Indeed, this stupidity is driven by his political ambitions, rather than for a reverence for the intention of the US Constitution as written by the creators of America.

Agree with them or not, the Supreme Court justices are not influenced, like elected officials.  Justices are not subject to election campaigns, television media purchases or political action committees. In other words, Supreme Court decisions are based on the US Constitution and they are not influenced by the whim of politicians who want to control the judiciary.  

It's really time for Ted Cruz to disclose his roots as a Canadian and stop trying to re-write the US Constitution.  

Moreover, Cruz should have an educational certificate of evidence that he's taken American citizenship training. He must prove he understand how our government works, before recommending any amendments to the US Constitution, a documents that he swears, as a US Senator, to uphold.

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