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Monday, June 01, 2015

Bridgegate is a "bridge too far" for Governor Christie

MSNBC pundit Rachel Maddow was a trailblazer in launching the Bridgegate scandal on her weeknight news show. Now, the scandal is likely taking down the entire Chris Christie presidential campaign and may eventually lead to more controversy.

A Bridge Too Far was a historical telling of the failed attempt to capture several bridges on a road to Germany in World War II.

The Newark, New Jersey, Star-Ledger reports how Governor Chris Christie has created his own "bridge too far" metaphor with the failed attempt to capture the GOP presidential nomination. In fact, the Bridgegate scandal is Christie's  "Bridge Too Far". 

In other words, Christie's self destructive scandal about the George Washington Bridge lane closure has foiled his presidential ambitions.

Tom Moran reports in "The Week", May 15, 2015:

Chris Christie would like everyone to believe his "Bridgegate" scandal is now behind him. (But) don't believe it for a second. Federal prosecutors last week announced that David Wildstein, one of the Christie cronies involved in creating the massive, three-day traffic jam, on the George Washington Bridge, to punish a local mayor, had pleaded guilty to conspiracy. Two other Christie aides, Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni, pleaded not guilty to nine criminal counts.  So, why was Chrstie selling this as a victory?  He was ecstatic that U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said, "Based on the evidence that is currently available to us, we are not going to charge anybody else." But, the word "currently" is a very important part of that sentence. Prosecutors now have Kelly and Baroni in "an iron vise," and can threaten them with years in prison if they don't testify against Christie. Fishman slyly noted that it was "not uncommon" for indicted people to make plea deals, and compared his investigation to a running TV series. To find out what happens next, the prosecutor said, "You have to wait for a whole 'nother season."  In other words, (Bridgegate) isn't over yet.

Julie's note- maybe Bridgegate isn't over yet, but Christie's ambitions to be a presidential candidate is in the terminal lane.

Bridgegate is Christie's "Bridge Too Far".

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