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Friday, May 29, 2015

Ted Cruz hypocrisy disquafies him from running for President of the United States

Of course, American must absolutely help Texas! 

Americans have a moral and civic responsibility to aid the devastated flood stricken Texans to rebuild their communities, that were recently devastated by flash floods. Sadly, dozens of innocent people lost their lives in the rising bayou waters brought on by torrential rains.

Nevertheless, helping Texas to receive federal help during disaster and recovery operations, following the state's devastating May floods, needs support from the US Congress. Incredulously, Texas Senator Cruz was not among those who supported help for 2012 Hurricane Sandy victims in New Jersey. But now  he wants federal money to help Texas.

Therefore, this message is addressed to Senator Cruz.  

Dear Senator Cruz.  

Maybe you don't know this. Texans are Americans. 

Of course,we all support disaster relief, supported by federal tax money, to help the recent flood victims and property owners to recover from unexpected floods.  

As a matter of fact, Texans are Americans, just like the citizens who live in New Jersey. Do you know that?

As you know, when Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast in 2012, you incredulously opposed disaster relief, paid for by the Federal Government, to help the people who lost life and property, as a result of the devastating coastal flooding.  

In my opinion, speaking to you as an American citizen with a US must recall your unqualified candidacy to run for US President.  Unless you can demonstrate your allegiance to the United States of America, you are clearly unqualified to even consider running for the office.  (I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for whom it stands, one nation under God indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.)

It's irresponsible of you to oppose New Jersey's need for federal disaster aid, while supporting the same for your worthy Texas citizens.  

I'm calling on you to withdraw your candidacy for the presidency.

Ted Cruz adopts a new posture on disaster aid
By Steve Benen

Texas torrential rain this week caused deadly flooding, affecting communities across much of the state. 

According to NBC News’ “at least 23 people died in flooding across the state this week.”

Given the disaster, it’s hardly surprising to see members of Texas’ congressional delegation speaking up in support of federal disaster relief. 

“There are a series of federal statutory thresholds that have to be satisfied. Initially, it appears those thresholds are likely to be satisfied by the magnitude of the damage we’re seeing,” Cruz said while touring the flooding in Wimberley, Texas, according to Texas television station KSAT.

“Democrats and Republicans in the congressional delegation will stand as one in support of the federal government meeting its statutory obligations to provide the relief to help the Texans who are hurting.”

This is, of course, exactly what one expects of a senator after his state is confronted with a crisis. Indeed, note the senator’s specific phrase: “statutory obligations.” For Cruz, it’s not even optional – Americans have a duty under the law to come to Texas’ aid.

But, Cruz took a very different posture in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, when he opposed federal disaster relief.

“This bill is symptomatic of a larger problem in Washington – an addiction to spending money we do not have,” the Texas Republican said at the time

“The United States Senate should not be in the business of exploiting victims of natural disasters to fund pork projects that further expand our debt.”

He made no references to “statutory obligations” at the time.

If this seems like a familiar dynamic, it’s probably because it’s far more common than it should be.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), for example, voted against emergency aid to Hurricane Sandy victims, arguing at the time that he didn’t “think Arkansas needs to bail out the Northeast.” But last July, Cotton was quick to seek federal aid for Arkansas when it suffered severe flooding.

And in Colorado, every Republican in the state’s congressional delegation voted against post-Sandy relief, and then every Republican in the state’s congressional delegation wanted emergency funding for their own state in September 2013.

Update: Brian Philips, a senior communications aide to Sen. Cruz, has since said the senator’s opposition to post-Sandy aide was based on what Cruz saw as “pork” in the bill, not opposition to federal assistance itself. Cruz eventually called the federal response “appropriate.” (Oh paaaleeeze.....Cruz never gave a second of sympathy to the needs of New Jersey people who were suffering during Hurricane Sandy....)

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