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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Martin O'Malley may have caught the liberal political star

Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley may have captured one of the most coveted opportunities in all of politics. 

By announcing his intention to run for the 2016 presidential nomination, it's possible that O'Malley snagged the political timing "ring" of opportunity!

There's no doubt that the nation is truly skeptical about politics as usual. In other words, the "same old" names are simply not inspiring voters. Moreover, polarized politics turns people away from politics, altogether. Maybe, O'Malley is a candidate who can capture the upside of this political weariness.

Of course, Hillary Clinton's campaign is ignited by her female gender and the potential for being elected the first woman president. Her problem, of course, is her husband William Jefferson Clinton. Unfortunately, husband Bill gives the right wing extremists enough negative publicity to create conspiracy theories. These political right wingers can spin more yarns about Clinton than Rapunzel's hair could possibly manufacture in the Grimm's fairy tale.

On the other hand, Governor O'Malley is a fresh and energized face. Most important, his Irish name isn't affiliated with Bush or Clinton.

There's a rare political opportunity for Martin O'Malley to capture the energy of the rising and liberal Democratic progressive energy, now emerging as a counter to right wing extremism. 

Martin O'Malley may have an opportunity not being given to Hillary Clinton.  He has a chance to speak about his vision for America, if he happens to be elected President of the United States.

Americans might even like Martin O'Malley. 

Of course, the question is, will Americans also trust Martin O'Malley?

It's probably a good omen to see the former Governor of Maryland O'Malley standing proudly in front of the Baltimore skyline when announcing his 2016 presidential campaign.  In other words, O'Malley is saying, "I can fix what's socially broken".  It's his salient reference to Baltimore's incendiary history as being a hotbed of racial violence.

Well....hmmmmm, maybe O'Malley can fix things. But, maybe he can't.  Racial problems have been in the making in Baltimore and other cities for at least 100 years.  

Yet, O'Malley is certainly a fresh face and an attractive candidate. He's a handsome family man with a history of public service.

Obviously, O'Malley doesn't seem to be a political heavy weight, right now. Nevertheless, it's possible that his "helium political weight" could lift him to the top of the cluster of the plethora of same old politically polluted candidates.  

Some political pundits claim that O'Malley isn't really running to be President. Rather, he wants to run as Hillary Clinton's vice presidential candidate. Therefore, his 2016 campaign is really a way  of testing his Democratic political attractiveness.'s also possible that O'Malley's campaign will take off with his own energy and leave Mrs. Clinton in the position of being offered the vice-presidential nomination position.  

O'Malley might be able to receive some meaningful news coverage (as opposed to Mrs. Clinton's right wing obsessed angst). Thereby, he has the potential to snatch the limelight away from Hillary Clinton's political ambitions.

One asset Martin O'Malley brings to the 2016 presidential campaign is good timing. It's possible the O'Malley political clock is set just right. He's programmed to ring on the rise of progressiveness.

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Blogger Pragmatic Progressive said...

I'm not so sure about O'Malley. I think he waited to long to enter. Plus his Baltimore connection will haunt him as he is part of the problem not the solution. His tenure as Mayor of Baltimore contributed to the problems that exist today.

6:19 PM  
Blogger Juliana L'Heureux said...

Dear Pragmatic Progressive I like your blog response. I'm a native of Baltimore. Although I can definitely agree with your point of view, I'm personally proud to see somebody stand up in front of Baltimore'a skyline and claim the international spotlight. Thank you for your thoughtful feedback.

3:37 AM  

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