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Monday, May 25, 2015

Investment in Baltimore - pay now or loose later

My colleagues, friends and classmates who grew up with me in Baltimore are understandably distraught about the city's future. How can Baltimore recover from the recent street riots, following the death of Freddie Gray? Well, my question is this. How can Baltimore prevent the growing incendiary social situation from getting worse? It can't be coincidence that the recent Baltimore riots happened after the Republcian Governor Larry Hogan cut inner city investments, especially education.

In fact, Hogan led Republicans stereotyped Baltimore's inner city problems. They never walked the walk of inner city people. In fact, when Hogan went to survey the recent riot devastation, he went when nobody was awake!  Hogan and his followers believe poverty is the result of laziness. But, they're having their stupid philosophy of social reform, aka, "get a job", handed to them in a platter. Decades of youth unemployment can't be fixed with a minimum wage job.

These are the choices. Like it or not. Expensive or not. Maryland either invests in inner city development, including providing education, job training and mentoring to unemployed people; forced to fund overtime pay and increasing workmen's compensation rates for emergency  medical personnel, expensive trauma care costs resulting from violence and higher jail costs related to increasing criminal convictions, related to Baltimore's social breakdown.

Maryland taxpayers must suck up decades of neglect in Baltimore. As a result, they can pay to fix things now or continue to loose over time.  

Marylanders know how Baltimore has the potential to be a world class city. In fact, Baltimore is a destination American history attraction, a sports mecca and research magnet, especially with support from Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Believe me, readers, Johns Hopkins has the  resources to stay in Baltimore, or move someplace else!

Therefore, it makes sense for Marylanders to stand behind their proud heritage city.  

Pay now to build the Baltimore that should've been finished after the 1968 devastating riots, (after Martin Luther King was assassinated) or watch the infrastructure deteriorate while the commerce moves out.  That's the choice.

Baltimore has the perfect trilogy of resources, being "location, location, location".  Located on the Chesapeake Bay, with close proximity to highway systems, railroads, and airports.  

As a matter of fact, what Baltimore needs is an investment in pride and development of the inner city. Baltimore needs a Marshall Plan like the investment that rebuilt Germany after World War II.  Look where Germany is today? Then, compare Germany's resurrection with where Baltimore is at today.  I rest my case. 

Investment in Baltimore is essential. Pay now, or loose later.

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