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Monday, April 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton has a brilliantly colored logo: She now can charge Republicans royalties

There's a lot of buzz about Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign logo. Regardless of how people feel about the campaign logo, the fact is, the image is copyrighted.  

In my opinion, Mrs Clinton's name is a trademark.  

In as much as she has branded her name, in the "H" logo, Mrs. Clinton has earned the right to claim her name, like any other celebrity's name, as her copyright. 

Consequently, every time Republicans use her name, they owe her royalty payments. That's what I think.

Democrats could accuse the Republican candidates of copyright infringement when they obsess about Hillary Clinton's name.  

It's totally boring to hear the line up of male candidates using Hillary Clinton's name in vain. At the very least, it's very ungentlemanly and plagiarism, at worst.

Paying royalties, every time Hillary Clinton's name is mentioned by a GOP candidate, will deter Republicans from their one note messaging, while they're campaigning for the presidential nomination (without ideas to promote).

Frankly, Mrs. Clinton can raise money for her political campaign by charging royalty fees to Republicans who use her name.  Maybe, by earning money from her copyright name, Mrs. Clinton can challenge the line up of male Republican presidential candidates, to talk about ideas, rather than just name dropping.  

I say, Mrs. Clinton's campaign logo is a copyright and Republicans must pay up every time they use her name.  I suspect a good lawyer could make this case, very effectively.  

Let me think about this. Copyright infringement charges against Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham and Mike Huckabee would create quite a campaign chest for all Democrats....because, after all, Hillary might consider sharing the wealth.  Of course, the alternative to a copyright infringement for use of Hillary Clinton's name is for the Republicans to talk about their no cost, worthless, ideas.  Yawn.

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